Summer Music

Summer Music

Isaiah Downing and Tyller Matthys

The 2018 summer season, by music standards, was outstanding.  Albums and singles dropped from a variety of hip hop artists, including Drake, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, KIDS SEE GHOST, Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Denzel Curry, Amine, BROCKHAMPTON, Ariana Grande, and more.  With all this excitement in the music industry, what do DHS students think of this summer’s tunes?


Junior Carmen Hall was ecstatic about music these past few months, and wanted to express her love for underrated and unknown music.


“Honestly my favorite album this summer had to be East Memphis Maniac by Xavier Wulf and Bones,” said Hall.  


When asked about music she was looking forward to this year, Carmen said “I’m just waiting for Lil Uzi to come back. And now that Kodak’s out of jail he definitely going to be dropping something soon.”  Despite her involvement in unknown music, she wanted to make sure Mac Miller’s newest album, Swimming, got its credit.  “That album was so different.  Mac combined both rap and pop; which you can’t find from too many other artists.”


Despite the groundbreaking music this summer, there was a much bigger event that took the industry by shock. When asked about her thoughts on XXXTentacion’s death

“The main focal point of the game was X’s death.  With his authentic presence gone now, I feel like other rappers are going to take that same energy that he brought and use it in their own music.  The only people that can do that are Members Only (A rap group started by XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God, containing Wifisfuneral and Craig Xen) because they all came up with X and developed his style of music,” said Hall.


The three most listened to albums of this summer were ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott, Scorpion by Drake, and TESTING by A$AP Rocky.  Sophomore Solomon Gabel voiced his personal review on these three bangers.


“ASTROWORLD was straight fire.” Gabel said, “but i honestly didn’t really mess with Drake’s album. I mean it wasn’t bad or anything, but it’s nothing new from him. Drake’s music style just doesn’t change often, and i’m into more unique music.”  


While Scorpion didn’t make the cut for Solomon’s playlist, multiple songs from Rocky and Travis did.

“Songs like CAN’T SAY, HOUSTONFORNICATION, 5% TINT, and R.I.P. SCREW were my favorite from ASTROWORLD.  Those are everyday jammers for me. As far as A$AP goes, I have Tony Tone, Gunz N Butter, Hun43rd, and OG Beeper on my list.”  said Gabel.


Despite primarily playing Travis and Rocky all summer, Solomon gave props to Amine’s newest album, ONEPOINTFIVE.


“Before he released that I didn’t listen to him much.  But that whole album just brings a whole new sound that isn’t found elsewhere.” said Gabel.


Jr. Lawrence Reed, a white-collar on hip-hop music, had strong opinions about the various tunes that took over the summer.


“This summer was lit. My favorite album was without a doubt ASTROWORLD, you know, straight fire.” Lawrence elaborated, “Travis just gives you different tones, different vibes.  Some songs you can turn up to, others you can mellow out to; it’s way different than most music.”


Lawrence, being heavily involved in the social scene of DHS, told of what albums he thought were the most popular amongst his peers.  “The most popular album was definitely Scorpion by Drake. Not only was it played in every car I was in this summer, but the social media attention involving the album was crazy too.  Like the whole #InMyFeelingsChallenge, that basically took over the internet.”


Every summer, there is always a song or album that takes the title as the ‘summer song” for that year.  Last summer it was Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, and had inputs from Lil Yachty and Calvin Harris. This summer, however, is a tight competition.  “The best summer album this year had to be Drip Season 3 by Gunna; just because the whole album is straight fire. There is literally not one song you wouldn’t turn up to”  Lawrence said.


Another hit album this summer was Queen, by Nicki Minaj. This album was hyped up because it was the first work we were getting from Nicki in four years. After the album drop, online beef between Nicki and Kylie Jenner erupted due to the album coming in second on Billboard Top 100 to Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD.


Sophomore Sophia Holt gave her opinion on Nicki Minaj’s newest album. “I personally enjoyed Barbie Dreams by Nicki Minaj, and her recent album “Queen” Both were kind of overshadowed by other artist’s music that dropped around the same time, but I’ve always been a fan of Nicki, and her boss like attitude has always stood out to me. Her new album is definitely one for the books, you just can’t, not get down to her style” said Holt.


“Another album that definitely deserved more attention was “Swimming” by Mac Miller, his sound and vibe ever since he first started has been unique and he’s really just a dope artist and makes dope music that is melodically and lyrically pleasing.”

Prior to summer, J. Cole released a surprise album on April 20 titled “KOD”

The name of the album had three different meanings, “Kids on Drugs”, “King Overdose”, and “Killing our Demons” The album was an instant class to Cole’s barrage of hit songs and lyrical content.


This album included a new sound for Cole, including trap style production and pop sounding songs. Despite these minor changes to Cole’s flow, the content and delivery remained in Cole’s unique style.


Sophomore Bella Lopez, a long time listener of J cole’s music, stated “1985 by J Cole, that was the summer jam dude, that was the jam”


“KOD had the best replay capability, it didn’t get old for a bit, it got old after listening to it for like the fiftieth time, but it’s still good to come back to and its dependable to lighten up the vibe” Bella states.  


With many new projects yet to come this year, Bella says “I’m excited for the new BROCKHAMPTON album bro.  They literally have the best beats, the best bass. My favorite song of theirs is 1998 Truman. In short, BROCKHAMPTON fire.”


Coach/Teacher Alan Batiste put in his input on newer music and what his students should invest their music interest into, “I’m not too invested in the newer styles of music and hip hop, I like older rap. Early 2000’s, some 70’s soul music. That’s what y’all kids need to invest in, that’s true music. If I had to choose I’d say Drake, he makes appealing music and my daughter is big on it, I dabble with a little bit of J Cole here and there” Batiste said.


Though this summer was musically outstanding, it was also tragic.  June 18 and September 7 will be dates remembered, for two legends left us.  We send condolences to the friends and family of both XXXTentacion and Mac Miller.  R.I.P angels.


Listen to El Diablo’s summer hits playlist on Spotify, called El Diablo Summer Fire. Enjoy!