Ru Si-new language teacher at DHS

Emily Fiala, Reporter

The 2018-2019 school year has begun here at Durango High School, and with it brought new faces to the school and new opportunities for the students. One of these never-before-seen classes is the new Chinese Mandarin language class, taught by DHS faculty member Ru Si. She is very excited to teach at DHS, and is even more excited for the future.


“People here are very kind and very supportive of each other. The teachers are very caring and the students are hard-working, and I think this will be a great environment for me,” said Si.


Growing up in Beijing, China, Si is a native Mandarin speaker. She later went to college to study French and later went to France for four years to get her MBA. She really likes the French culture, and she has really loved teaching it.


“French is my personal passion. I love the country and the language, and I have worked with the language for many years,” said Si.


She moved to Durango from Missouri and had ended up teaching and continues to teach Mandarin at Miller Middle School. Now she teaches both Chinese and French at DHS.


She is very excited to offer the opportunity for students to learn Chinese at the high school. Chinese has never been taught at the school before, and Si is very excited to be able to teach it for the first time.


“China is becoming one of the most important countries in the world, and I think it is very important to our students to have the opportunity to discover the culture and learn the language,” said Si.


One of her main goals for the new Chinese class at DHS is for the program to grow and for it to turn into a four-year course. Currently, the only classes offered are Chinese 1 and 2, introductory courses that explain the basics of Chinese language and culture.


Si wishes for her students to find a passion for the French and Chinese languages and cultures, grasping the ideas of each culture that will help build a globally minded DHS student body.


So far, students appear to be enjoying the new classes.


I enjoy the class so far, I’m already able to ask a couple of questions and respond to them accordingly!” said So. Channing Syme.


“Ms.Si’s teaching method is pretty cool because she doesn’t just teach us the language but the culture as well,” said Syme.


This new Chinese class offered at DHS is something that has never been offered here before. With China growing more important every day in our modern world, it’s about time that students have the opportunity to learn the culture and language.