New Librarian


Corbin Miller, Reporter

By: Corbin Miller

As the new school year starts off, additions to staff are beginning to embed themselves in the Durango High School community. This year, the school is privileged to have a new librarian, Valeria Skarbek.

Skarbek was an english and language arts teacher for nine years, teaching in upstate New York,  Connecticut, and online for Colorado Connections Academy. Before working at DHS, Skarbek worked at Fort Lewis College for four years, two of which were spent in the library.

Joining a new school community can be stressful and scary, but Skarbek has adapted very well to her new environment.

“My favorite thing about DHS so far is definitely the community and the staff. There’s a lot of positivity and everyone is super helpful and kind, it makes it a great place to work,” said Skarbek.

Many students, like Jr. Rebecca Bowers, one of Skarbek’s library assistants, have been able to get to know her very well since she has joined the High School community.

Ms. Skarbek is super nice, and seems very enthusiastic about being part of the DHS community. She brings a good energy to the library,” said Bowers.

Skarbek is very appreciative of how helpful and talented her current assistants are. She recognizes all the hard work they help her with in making the library successful.

With a new school year comes new goals and standards. Skarbek is very excited to see what is in store for her this year.

“I’m looking forward to getting the library organized and getting more people in it to use it, so that people can find what they’re looking for and helping classes and students get connected with the resources we have,” said Skarbek.

Skarbek is working on reorganizing the library. She is working on a new book organization system so she can easily help students navigate the library for the books they are interested in.

The library seems more organized and less cluttered than it has been the past two years. When I was her assistant, she was planning on getting some new material and was very interested in student requests, so I think there will be some changes to the type of material in the library as well,” said Bowers.

This year’s freshmen, like Maggie VanBuskirk,  have been able to get to know Skarbek and how she plans to help students this year.

“I think Ms. Skarbek works fast and efficient, she definitely knows what she is doing. I think she will be very good for our school ,” said VanBuskirk.

Running the library comes with many responsibilities, including advising the DHS Yearbook and being able to teach classes using her past experiences.

“Being the librarian is a great opportunity to have a lot of responsibility and to be able to advance my career and work with a lot of students,” said Skarbek.  

She strongly believes that the library is a great resource for all students at the high school. Skarbek encourages students to reach out to her and all the available resources that the library has.

With a new school year beginning, Skarbek is very excited to begin working with all the students at DHS and being able to help them with what they need.