New Year School Spirit


Stevi Cameron, Reporter

As the members of DHS are adjusting to their back to school rhythms, a common question seems to be appearing in their daily school lives: how can our school be more spirited?

In the few years that Mr. Hoerl has been the principal at DHS, we have seen an explosion of school spirit in the attendance of school events, dress up days, and enthusiasm of the student body. However, Hoerl and the new student Directors of Spirit, Sr. Alyssa Robertson and Jr. Miles Bronson, are challenging the DHS community to bring our school-wide energy to the next level.

Robertson, notorious for being the front of every student section at all home games in a pair of red and white striped overalls, expresses passion for her new position.

“I love having school spirit and being loud and proud for something I believe in,” said Robertson.

Both administration and student directors have specific goals about how they will increase school spirit and are already following through with plans to reach them.

“We’re being very intentional about making sure school spirit is visible everywhere you go,” said Hoerl. “We are looking for ways to continue to build culture and climate.”

 Many returning students have noticed the addition of red and white walls — filling the halls with school colors — along with the red sea day every friday.

Another objective is to gain more underclassmen involvement in school activities, like Homecoming.

“ I love high school because of how happy people can be and how much pep there is,” said Fr. Zach Robinson.

The spirited culture of DHS rubs off on the new staff and freshman alike, making them feel welcomed and eager to participate.

Hoerl also noted that as students see their peers triumph in theatre productions, sports, band, and other extracurriculars, it shapes the year in terms of spirit.  

“There’s always a little extra excitement when your teams are successful,” said Hoerl.

Volleyball, along with other team sports and activities invoke spirit in the players, staff, student body of all grades, and increases the spread of school spirit. The teams simply require the excitement and support at their games. Sr. Taylor Wolf, volleyball team captain, explained that her team feeds off of the high energy of the audience at games and to get more attendance, her team needed to be successful.

“When we have a loud crowd that is paying attention and doing cheers, it makes everyone smile and have fun. And we play better when we are having fun,” said Wolf.

Robertson agrees that the desire for victory is a key factor to gaining more student body excitement, but wants to turn it around to create more contests within the school. This includes fundraising competitions and class competitions with possible rewards at the end as incentives. Robertson’s theory is that competitions will motivate everyone to participate in their school and therefore be more spirited.

“I think if we create more competition it will create more school spirit because everyone is involved and everyone wants to win,” said Robertson.

While competition, school success, underclassmen involvement, and school wide awareness all continue to expand school spirit, a component that Hoerl has especially emphasized is to have genuine kindness.

“It costs nothing to be kind. And if we’re kind to each other and supportive of each other then you’re creating that environment that people want to be a part of,” said Hoerl.

A main focus of administration this year is to encourage the Demon way in every interaction between DHS members. If positivity is created through kids building each other up instead of bringing each other down, pride in the school is expected to grow tremendously.

As a result of the amount of thought and work put into developing camaraderie and energy throughout DHS, the school’s spirit, in addition to school events and opportunities to show enthusiasm, is looking forward to a fruitful year.

“School spirit is really so important because a lot of people are really low energy when they come to school and what school spirit is all about is changing that mentality,” said Bronson.“Making sure everybody is loving our school and proud of our school. The Demon Way.”