Demon’s Advocate

Demons Advocate

Caroline Knight

Help! I have a fat crush on a guy at school, he’s really cool and hot BUT…he has a girlfriend. They’ve been going out since the last ice age…what do I do??


Sorry man, you’re gonna have to let this one go. I’m no saint (haha, Demon’s Advocate), but going for someone who has an S.O. already is categorically lame. If you feel some deep connection with this cool hot boy, you’re only noble option is to be patient, because young love is generally not long lasting. If, by the time this paper comes out, your secret wish has come true, here are some other things to consider before hitting up this guy:

  1. Boys (and all people, especially high school people) don’t tend to let go very easily. Even if he breaks up with this girl, if they’ve been dating since the last ice age he isn’t going to forget her very quickly. Heartbreak is real and it sucks! Be thoughtful about this or he’ll friendzone you before you can open your mouth.
  2. Assuming the worst, if this boy is already flirting very obviously with you and that’s why you have a crush, take a step back. Maybe it’s fun, but do you really want to be with someone like that? Seems kind of slimy.

That’s my two cents! I wish you the best, feelings are the worst!


What are some things you wish you knew your first semester of freshman year?

I had a good time my freshman year! Even so, here are some things I wish I could’ve told myself:


  • It isn’t cool to not have school spirit. I was so embarrassed to yell or cheer at football games that I just learned the Demon Beat this year. No one is going to judge you for wanting your team to win or for participating in the party song.
  • That being said, don’t be afraid of being judged at all. This is so cliche but it’s just the truth. Be a nice person, and the rest really doesn’t matter! People are going to judge you and you’re going to judge people, but the sooner you can get over that and do you anyway, the sooner you find a group a friends that makes high school a fun time.
  • Don’t join clubs to meet boys! Now you’re in a club you aren’t interested in because you paid the fee, nice going!
  • Have fun playing high school sports for the first time! I was so freaky about being competitive in soccer that I forgot to have fun playing it. The coolest thing about being a freshman athlete is there are no expectations, so everything you do well is an impressive surprise. Chill out.