Pueblo Community College…updates on transition


Havens Webster, Reporter

This year, the Durango High school campus created a partnership with the Pueblo Community College by making a campus in the west wing. This campus is meant to help students pursue college in a cost effective and efficient way. This will also be convenient for DHS students who choose concurrent class enrollment, as they won’t have to drive all the way to Fort Lewis College.

By offering concurrent enrollment both with PCC and Fort Lewis College, students who wish to earn college credits in advance can do so covered by the district.” said Durango School District 9-R superintendent Dan Snowberger.

The students attending this campus are not all DHS students. It is an open enrollment for all wanting to either take concurrent enrollment or broaden their education.

“70% of the students attending PCC are our own DHS students…we have some from Big Picture and some students in our Gateway program which allows them to take college and high school classes at the same time to get their diploma while starting college,” said DHS principle Jonathan Hoerl.

The campus is not just for DHS students, but anyone needing to take college classes and anyone wanting to take be concurrently enrolled.

“Those classes that include non-DHS students are held in the west wing portion of the building. In a few cases, PCC faculty are teaching DHS students in DHS classrooms to support in offering classes that were requested by students,” said Snowberger.

There are two PCC teachers teaching in DHS classrooms, one teaching English and the other teaching in the Early Childhood Education program. The non-DHS high school students include Big Picture students who are required to take a college course before graduating and students who have graduated high school that are looking for a cheap college option.

At DHS, there are many students wanting to take concurrent enrollment classes because it helps get college credits out of the way which saves lots of money for them and their families. When you earn these concurrent credits, you can finish not so important college classes so you don’t have to take them in college.

“We had an over request for the concurrent enrollment English class…the nice thing is that we can tell them we still have 25 kids wanting to take this course and they will provide us an instructor.” said Hoerl.

The DHS students taking concurrent enrollment take classes in the DHS section where PCC provides the college professor to teach them. The students in the Gateway program or Big Picture students take their classes in the PCC section.