Seasonal Specials at Local Restaurants


Rush Webster, Reporter

By: Rush Webster

In Durango, the holiday season brings with it a plethora of festive events, winter activities, and, above all, delicious treats. As such an active travel destination for snow-seeking tourists in the winter months, it is not surprising that a large part of Durango’s culture and activity during this season is centered around holiday-themed fun. One way that local businesses participate in this influx of consumers is by offering special holiday treats.



Sitting right on Main Street is an entirely Durango-based eatery where everyone can find something to satisfy their sweet tooth. Animas Chocolate Company is offering a mouth-watering selection of Christmas-themed chocolates, drinks, and various treats to help ignite the Christmas spirit in all of us.


“The chocolate business is very busy during the holiday season, and we like to embrace that and make some different products that are relevant to the season and get people in the mood,” said owner Carley Snider.


The seasonally inflated demand for their products from both local and foreign customers certainly incintivates Animas Chocolate Co. to create an impressively enticing menu and busy itself with designing a wide variety of both classic and unique items that will appeal to all lovers of chocolate.


“My personal favorite is the peppermint bark, we sell a lot of [it], it’s delicious and it’s my favorite thing to snack on during the holiday season. [We’re also] doing some really cute Christmas lollipops that look like snowmen, snowflakes, and stuff like that that are going to be really festive,” said Snider.


Along with this variety of both classic and specialty sweets, also offered is a collection of timeless holiday-themed beverages.


“We sell a mix for the hot chocolate and offer [them] in store [along with some] great mochas … the peppermint mocha called the ‘Minor’s Express’ is a really popular item during the holidays,” said Snider.


In terms of seasonal packages, make sure to check them out during special Christmas events like Noel Night when they will be offering some special deals as well as various gift baskets and item assortments.



If you’re looking for a warm drink to lift your spirits during the cold winter months, perhaps head over to the Smiley Cafe, where you can find a delicious variety of holiday drinks, baked goods, and more. Their specialty items will enliven your spirits and your holiday cheer.


“We are going to be offering some mini loaves, specialty cookies, and we have some specialty drinks like peppermint mochas,” said owner Carrie Hladik, “My personal favorite is our pumpkin bread with dark chocolate and raisins.”


However, the Smiley Cafe doesn’t exclusively make sweets, you can also find a selection of hardier foods to satisfy your other holiday cravings.


“We are making a couple soups as well, like out pumpkin soup; we’re trying to make more Thanksgiving themed foods,” said Hladik.


Head over to the Smiley Cafe for some wholesome holiday delights!



When you’re in the mood for a wholesome, farm-fresh meal, head over to Second Avenue, where you’ll find Cyprus Cafe, a locally sourced Mediterranean eatery offering a delectable collection of comfort foods using locally sourced produce prepared with a seasonal flair.


“We will be making butternut squash with garbanzo beans, roasted red peppers, and arugula, also there’s a grilled salmon with harissa oil and homemade yogurt drizzle,” said chef Eric Lopez.


If you have trouble deciding, then perhaps take the chef’s recommendation.


“My personal favorite thing that we make is the brown butter sage ravioli,” said Lopez.


Make sure to check out the one of the events that Cyprus Cafe hosts this season. Throughout the Christmas season they will be several occasions that customers are sure to enjoy.