Give us a break


College applications, AP classes, homework, etc. is what most upperclassmen face. The weekends are the only thing that keeps students going through the rigorous school week.  Weekends are ideally for friends, fun, activities, and rest. Who would want to think about school on the two days a week students get a mental break.

“I’m taking three APs this year…AP environmental science, AP computer science principles, and AP calculus BC. On the weekend, I spend four  hours working on regular homework, and since it’s application season I have about four hours of that, too,” said Sr. Jessica Fiala.

Fiala spends about two-and-a-half  hours per night on homework, and she is also apart of extracurriculars that take up a lot of her time, including NAHS and Yarn Demons, NHS, Link, Computer Programming club, and Knowledge Bowl. With all this going on, the weekends are something that all students looks forward to.

Applications are very stressful for students to work on and they consume the majority of many students’ time. The DHS program encourages all students to send applications to multiple colleges for a higher acceptance rate and it lets the students have a broader choice.

Jr. Emma Hallin is in dance rehearsals Monday through Thursday and on Saturday until seven or eight at night and she is apart of NHS. She has about one-two  hours of homework per night which is very hard to cram in after she is tired from dance. Both Emma and Jessica say that all of their anxiety comes from school, even though they are involved in many other things school is the hardest and most work of all.

“I am taking three AP classes this year, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and AP Calculus. It varies from weekend to weekend but I usually have the same amount of homework on weekends that I do on weekdays,” said Hallin.

Most students find that they are more productive during the week but they can all agree that they are thinking about the weekend most of the time too. Weekend homework is often more challenging, and asking for help is more difficult when contact with the teacher is limited.

“I assign less than an hours worth of homework per week in Modern U.S. History, it depends on how students use their class time,” said Ed Cash, AP World History and Modern U.S. History teacher.

Mr. Cash assigns a relatively light workload for his students, if they utilize their time in class, but other AP classes have consistent weekend homework. Most homework is consistent reading or writing, but weekend homework can come from studying for a test, unfinished work, or work assigned for the students further understanding of a subject studying that week.

“Teachers collaborating on how much homework to be assigned has been attempted before, but never went through,” said Mr. Cash.

Every student has a different schedule so teachers never know how much homework they already have.

Students taking AP classes and regular classes here at DHS are overloaded and stressed causing lots of anxiety. If students had a lighter workload on school nights and especially on weekends then students would be more productive and motivated since they would have more energy.