Picky Parking: New student parking policy strikes opinion among students


With the new parking policy, it’s less of a stressor to get your spot stolen; unless you’re really set on snagging the front row spots.

Corbin Miller , Reporter

By: Corbin Miller

Students are racing to school to get the front row spots all for themselves. With a new parking policy starting during the 2018-2019 school year, students are allowed to park in whichever spot they like.

Parking spots are first come first serve this year, with a purchase of a student parking pass, which can cause issues with finding a place to park. The paved student lot costs $40, and the dirt lot, shared with the teachers, cost $25

Many students, like Sr. Kyle Phipps, who has a free first hour, are being affected in both positive and negative ways from the new parking policy.

“Finding parking is kind of like a gamble since I get there after first hour. If there are available front row spaces, they are usually harder to turn into,” said Phipps.

Because of this new policy, seniors are no longer guaranteed a front row parking spot and could end up parking in the back, if closer spots are taken.   

The majority of the parking lot consists of juniors and seniors, but as the year progresses, sophomores turing 16 begin to get their license.

“I’m definitely worried for later on in the year when more of the sophomores get their license, which might decrease the choices and availability for parking,” said Phipps.

The new parking policy comes with updated, stricter regulations that students must follow in order to keep their privilege to park at school.  

According to the new DHS Parking Registration Form, “A valid DHS parking permit is required for any student vehicle parked on school property.  Parking permits are to be permanently located in the lower left corner (driver’s side) of the front windshield. Removal of, or tampering with, a parking permit in any form will result in the loss of parking privileges on campus.”

Some students, like Jr.Luke Ford, park in the dirt lot where they can escape the shared parking lot with PCC, and pay less for a spot.

“The dirt parking lot is less stressful to park in compared to the student lot and has easier spots to pull into,” said Ford.

While many students dislike and oppose the new parking policy, some students, like Jr. Kaylan Wait, are very happy with it and the benefits that it brings to their morning.

“I got my parking pass late, but I can still get a parking spot everyday that I love,” said Wait.

Open parking is not the only change to the DHS student parking lot; students are now sharing the lot with Pueblo Community College (PCC), who takes up a designated area of the of the lot. DHS students are not allowed to park in the PCC designated spots.

“Where PCC has their spots is where I prefer to park. Personally I would have wished PCC would have taken a back corner,” said Phipps.

Because PCC has began sharing the school in the west wing with DHS, parking spots are now needed for the students who attend the College.

DHS’ new parking policy brings a new change to this years juniors, and especially seniors, as they have been familiar with a different parking arrangement. In previous years, seniors have been almost guaranteed front and second row spots for parking. This year’s policy will take some getting used to for many of the students.