Fashions effect on different people

Chloe Bowen, Reporter

All over the world, you can see the variety and individuality of people walking down the streets through the way they dress.  With fashion being commonly seen as one major aspect of identification, what do the students at DHS think about fashion’s influence on personality and first impressions?

DHS fr. Nevaeh Erlandson shares her thoughts about expression through fashion.

“The way you dress can reflect your personality in so many ways! I could come to school in sweats, a super baggy shirt, and just throw my hair in a bun. That could show that I want to feel comfortable or I just don’t care what people think about me” said Erlandson.

Out of 70 voters on the El Diablo Instagram, 62 voted for “totally fashion is a part of who I am”, and only eight voted for “Nah I don’t really care how I look.”

Junior Greta Cahill shares her opinion on the importance of fashion.

“I think that fashion is important because it can directly tie into your personality, you can use your clothes and your style to express your mood and what you like to do. For example, sports and activities that you’re apart of can be shown from your clothing” said Cahill.

Others in the DHS community see the other side of the fashion world, and the importance of comfort over one’s outside appearance.

Freshmen Mya Olier shares her thoughts on being fashionable. “I don’t think it’s bad that people care about how they look or them having a really good fashion sense. I do care about how I look but I don’t feel like I constantly need to dress to impress. I wear what’s comfortable and I like. I think that’s different for everyone, a lot of people are more comfortable wearing more fashionable things” said Olier.

In fact, most teens at DHS also prefer comfort over style while at the same time caring about their overall appearance.

  Senior Morgan Allen expresses the importance of being comfortable.

“My style is more about being comfortable, I don’t think what you wear or how you dress says a lot about who exactly you are. Clothing and fashion for me is more being confident and happy with what I’m wearing” said Allen.

For most people fashion and outfit choices is a way to voice what you’re feeling and your mood that day. In another poll surveying 26 DHS students, 17 people said that fashion does reflect their mood, while the other seven chose to disagree, stating that what they wear does not reflect how they feel.

Sophomore Adelaide Beasley shares her opinion on fashion’s mood through colors.

“I think mood is basically expressed through outfits if you don’t like life that emotion is usually expressed in black colors reflecting sadness and depression. But then again it could mean many different things based on how you are feeling. For me I usually wear what I feel good on that day, other days I might wear a hoodie because I’m sad” said Beasley.

One trend voters say is highly favored right now is the skater trend; wearing vans, hoodies, and beanies are very popular among high schoolers. Located in the Durango Mall, Zumiez is a place where people in Durango can go shopping for these types of outfits.

“Our store’s attitude is skate or die trending all the latest fashion. We have all the moods, we have everything from super hyped up to super depressed” said Zumiez employee Oscar Bennett.

After many students around school expressed their opinions about the fashion world as a teenager, it is clear that DHS is full of individuality. This trait can be seen everywhere, just look down the hallways.