The Backpack Rule

Chloe Bowen, Reporter

Some stores in Durango Colorado, have a rule that when you walk in you are to leave your bag at the door, but some question if this rule applies to all ages. The Backpack rule is made to prevent shoplifting. You leave your backpack at the door, in the watchful eye of an employee, and then you’re free to go do you’re shopping. But as it turns out, this rule may have some flaws.

“I agree with the backpack rule because some teens do steal things, and even though not all teens do, Walgreens doesn’t know the good kids from the bad ones,” said Fr. Aryana Pylar.

Eight out of 45 teens agree with the backpack rule according to a pol on Instagram, a majority saying it’s doing more then most solutions would prevent shoplifting.

“Some stores are doing the right thing by taking the small precaution of simply asking you to leave your bag at the door,” said an anonymous Senior.

The store most teens are obligated to follow this rule at is our local Walgreens.

“They simply ask you to leave your backpack by the shopping carts, next to the sliding doors while you shop,” said an anonymous Sophomore.

“I agree with the rule but, I always hate putting my bag down because no one watches it and someone could easily take it,” says Pylar.

Most younger customers disagree with the rule for various reasons: they’re setting their things on the floor, by a door, where someone could easily snatch it, especially when they are only in the store for a short amount of time.

“I think that it’s not going to prevent people from stealing they can still put stuff in their pockets. And they’re not trusting the people. They could make more of an effort to watch out for people stealing,”  said an anonymous freshman.

“We have this rule because when so many kids come in, it can be hard to keep track, and it makes it easy to steal when you have a backpack. The rule applies to everyone,” said a manager. If that’s true how come so many student customers say its biased?

“I know they say the rule goes for everyone, but I’ve seen women walk in with big purses, and never get asked to put their bag down. I’ve also noticed this at many other stores with the same bag rule” said an anonymous freshman.  

Many other customers also say that they never see employees asking adults. This may be because adults are less likely to steal and an expectation towards an adult is higher than an expectation towards an adolescent.

“I get what they are trying to do with the backpack rule, and I agree because some kids do steal stuff. But I think the rule definitely applies only to teens, I’ve never seen adults being asked to leave their bag at the door. I think they’re targeting people under the age of 18 because that’s the age of people you would expect to steal but at the same time, adults can steal too” said Fr. Jassy Lindsay.

Most people who voted that the bag rule is efficient also say that it could be biased.

“I think that it is inappropriate for them to be biased and only ask teens to leave their stuff at the door because the risk that an older person or a teen could potentially steal is equal depending on the person. I think that for the rule to be fair they must ask the same thing from everyone” said Fr. Stella Seashore.