Exchange Student Q&A

Exchange Student Q&A

Mazzy Fortier , Reporter

El Diablo interviewed one of this years exchange students at DHS. Get to know Alex Montenegro, a Junior who came all the way from Spain.


1.)Which Countries did you choose to go to be a Exchange Student?

“My choices were Canada & US, Belgium, and France. The US was my first choice”


2.)What was the learning system like in Spain?

“The learning system in Spain is way different than here.We have to buy their own books, we also have to read them and do our work at home. We have a lot of homework.”


3.)What have you learned so far about Durango?

“It is a big city. It is green and everyone is nice. Everyone loves sports and so do I.”


4.)How has school going so far?

“At the beginning of school it was very hard but now it is better. People have been really nice and friendly.”


5.)Do you think you will miss Durango?

“I like how the mindsets are different, I really like it.  I will definitely will miss Durango when I leave.”


6.)What is the biggest difference between the US and Spain?

“The people are different. Durango is crazy, it is warm and raining a lot. In Spain it’s sunny. In the winter the humidity is really high and also really cold. We have to wear a lot of clothes.”


7.)What do you miss most about Spain?

“I miss my friends. Also, the life at night, it’s different then here, because here it is not very fun.”


8.)What’s the difference for cooking between Spain and the US?

“It is different between each family.  Here I have to cook everything, and isn’t very fun. But, in Spain I cook more. Taking a cooking class will help with making food at home.”


11.What is the most difficult thing about the language barrier?

“If I want to say something but I don’t know how to say it, I think about it. When people keep talking it is hard to understand them.”


12.)What was traveling over to the US like?

“The trip over here was very long and hard.The first flight was 2 hours long. The second flight was overseas and was 12 hours  It was the hardest flight out of all. The last plane flight was only 1 hour from Denver to Durango.”


13.) How long are you staying?

“I am staying for 1 school year. I am going to leave next summer. I switch between 3 families over the course of the school year.”


14.)What is Rotary like?

“It is very nice. We have meetings, when I’m there you don’t feel like you’re alone.They are always trying to do things for me.”


15.) Did your favorite activities change when you came here?

“I stopped doing street work out but I’m doing swimming like in spain and also I’m doing mountain biking.”


16.)Would you rather American food or Spain’s food

“I think American food is faster and there is a lot that is spicy, so if you don’t want spicy food maybe it is hard to find something you like. In Spain I think there is more variety and maybe tastes better but you need a lot of time to cook it. But I like both.”


17.Have you ever wanted to ski?

“Yes,  I have skied in Spain but not too much because of the snow. I would like to ski here as much as I can.”