English Department Update

Bryn Valdez, Editor

As the new school year kicks off, the English Department has begun to work with Seniors on their personal essays. Many of these will double as college application material, so teachers have made it a priority to emphasize their importance.

“They’re ready to go to college but not totally checked out yet,” said English teacher Kristen Barth.

Now in the process of receiving feedback, Seniors have been asked to write about personal experiences such as challenge and failure, or things they are passionate about.

While this can be exhausting, teachers have done their best to hold students’ interest, “ We’re always trying to tweak our lessons and find ways to make it connect more to their lives. Another thing we try to do is provide a lot of additional class time to get help on things so they’re not having to do this plus applying for college,” said Barth.

With the help of their teachers, seniors will be able to wrap up their personal essays, so that they are able to somewhat decompress and enjoy their last year of high school to the fullest.