Football Update


Gwen Stoddard, Arts Head Editor

With a record of 2-2 the Durango High School Varsity football team is off to a great start, especially with the recent win against rivals the Bayfield Wolverines. The team began the season with a non-conference game versus the Pagosa Pirates, coming away with a victory. The next weekend they traveled to Palisade where they couldn’t quite finish with the dub, and then had a close game, but a loss against Montrose on home turf, they then beat up on Bayfield Friday, September 14.

Although Pagosa is a 2A team and Durango-with its size-falls under 3A, DHS played them in an opening to their 2018 season. The final score was 34-6, as the Demons defense didn’t allow for more touchdowns, while the offense played an amazing game.

Traveling is never easy for a team, especially since it was their first away-game. With two touchdowns by Palisade in the first quarter, the Demons became discouraged and were only able to come away with three points, leading to a 20-3 loss against the Bulldogs.

Montrose was a much closer game since the teams were very evenly matched and 41-36 became the final score. Throughout the one-hundred and sixty plus plays, the Demon’s defense was not adjusted very much, which could have lead to a different outcome on Durango’s home turf.

Wolverines vs. Demons is easily the most looked forward to game by both fans in Durango and Bayfield. The week leading up to the Friday night lights was a stressful and exciting time, especially with the game being played on home turf. After losing to the Wolverines last season, Durango was determined to regain their title, especially after a five-hundred dollar trophy was purchased to be passed on to the winner of the newspaper named “Vallecito Bowl”. After a long game under clear skies, the Demons beat the Wolverines 32-16. The newly one Trophy was then filled with a pickle juice-a common cure for cramps- and passed around the team for a victory drink!