Logic releases BT2, receives positive reviews


Austin Swan, Reporter

Throughout time, Logic has released many albums and become one of the leading musicians in the world. Logic attempted to be a trap artist with his first album, Under Pressure, and he also tried to be a cultural statement with his album, Everybody.

Bobby Tarantino 2 is a return to mixtape style music making for Logic.

Through his first mixtape style album, Bobby Tarantino, Logic felt some success, with the album reaching the number one spot on the charts in New Zealand, but being stalled in second place on the american charts.

Perhaps that second place served as fuel for logics creative flame while creating Bobby Tarantino 2, which blew up almost instantly, as his second number 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart in less than a year.

Having another album hit number 1 on the charts isn’t all Logic has to be proud about with BT2, he has also became the 15th artist to ever have 10 songs on the Billboard top 100 simultaneously.

Throughout the album, Logic brings on special guests, such as Big Sean, who has rapped with Logic in the past, 2 Chainz, who seeks to prove that he can stay relevant and pass the test of time, as well Wiz Khalifa and the internet icon, Marshmello.

With the amount of variety between each song in the album, there is something for everyone to enjoy in BT2.

The album opens with Grandpa’s Space Ship, a short audio clip featuring Justin Roiland, the voice of both Rick and Morty. Logic has appeared on the show before and has expressed his support for the show many times. Grandpa’s Space Ship serves as a light-hearted introduction to get listeners into the mood for the album.

Overnight, the first song of the album feels to way underperform the standards Logic has set for himself. Overnight is an average pop song with cliche messages about the importance of hard work and being a good person.

There are a few standout songs on the album, such as indica badu, wizard of oz, and everyday, the song logic made with Marshmello, which peaked at #29 on the Billboard music charts.

In BT2, Logic takes risks experimenting with different styles of music, from the “pop” style of overnight, to the full embrace of mixtape rap in 44 more, to the slow, almost reggae type music of indica badu.

BT2 wraps up with 44 more, a sequel to Logic’s very popular song, 44 bars, from the original Bobby Tarantino album. 44 more is arguably the best song on the album, and definitely serves as an accurate representation of who logic is as a musician.