Why parkland is the first to spark change:


Luke Swift, Reporter

The shooting on February 14 in Parkland, Florida has sparked a revolution led by teenagers and passionate individuals who are both conservative and liberal.

Over many decades, we have seen gun violence become more prevalent across the board, not just in schools, but in the workplace and in public spaces as well. People are beginning to ask:  What makes the Parkland shooting different from the rest?

On February, 14 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School students prepared to strike back after 17 of their fellow students and teachers were killed by an armed individual. They sought to stop school violence, but they could be stopping gun violence as a whole rather than just in our schools.

Many students are taking a stand across the nation, like Jr. Lana Patterson, who explains why she believes that Parkland has sparked so much change.

“There were teachers that stood up for the students who said you can’t do this. It’s a completely new day and age we have so many liberals now and the fact that girls specifically, and guys are able to stand up and not be ashamed of it and not be afraid of the backlash is really going to change a lot of things,” said Patterson.

She also comments on how Parkland may influence future protests that are not confined to the abolition of school violence but gun violence as a whole, by involving older generations to stand up for these injustices.

“I think there can be more protests, involving not just kids, we can involve even older generations and we can get them to stand behind us too and they can march not just for schools but for shootings in workplaces and such. We are all fighting for the same thing,” said Patterson.

Many students who usually resort to more conservative ideals, are changing their views on this past tragedy, like So. Emmy Romero.

“I think that more people have had previous opinions, and they are changing their opinions for safety reasons for children and this could lead to more conservatives changing their ideas and more people protesting against these causes,” said Romero.  

She also comments on the involvement of students in protests that could lead to more change.

“Since the youth has started to get involved, things have actually started to get done and if more teenagers, conservative or not, stand up for their views, things might pick up even faster,” said Romero.

Many teachers are even taking a stand, which many would agree is fueling a lot more change. Math teacher Lindsay Hayden comments on how informed the protesting students were, however, she is hopeful that people remember to vote, because without their voice, change will not occur.

The students seemed well versed in public speaking and took advantage of the platform given to them by the media. I can only hope that everyone remembers to vote in November or it will all be for naught and no changes will happen,” said Hayden.

Many people are passionate about these types of tragedies, some even changing their extreme ideologies in support for the safety of their communities. However many are fearful that if these students don’t vote then these protests will be for nothing.