Girl’s Golf is making a stride of success into their 2018 season

Credit to the Durango Herald

Credit to the Durango Herald

Lily Longan , Reporter

On any given spring day after school at Hillcrest, there is a big chance you will see the Durango High School Girls golf team. With 22 players, the team has seen one of the largest participation rates in a while.  

The girls have a daily routine like any other sport that helps them prepare for their tournaments.

“We start off with putting, as most of the strokes in golf are taken on or around the green.  We then move to pitch shots up to 60 yards as that helps with the core of the swing. After we shag all of the balls, we do full swing shots.  Some players will go out and play a few holes,” said head coach Kirk Rawles.

Many of the players practice in their free time, and the level of commitment by the current group of girls is obvious through their success.

“We have seen one of our players go to state, though this year is the first year we have really seen a change and we are winning a lot more tournaments. Our team is placing first and some individuals are placing in the top three,” said Jr. Quinn Griswold.

The improvement was noted by coaches and athletes alike.

“We have tied for first, won our home tournament and took second once, so a great season so far,” said Rawles.

As individuals succeed, they try to go back and improve the team as a whole. Golf may be played as a solo sport on the course, but the whole team is making strides toward success.

“To be honest I struggle finding a challenge that our golf team faces. We work really well together and we all push each other to become better players. When someone succeeds, that pushes everyone else on the team to put their best effort forward,” said Griswold.

The unforeseen level of participation this 2018 season is exciting, it creates more opportunity for the team to move themselves to the next level as competitors and players.

The team has a great spirit and they are all willing to learn and work hard.  If the players can keep going on their own or with friends through the summer, they can improve fairly quickly,” said Rawles.

With the increasing number of new golfers, there is new hope for the future of the team. As upperclassmen graduate, it will be up to the underclassmen to take over the roles of leadership that have led the team to success.

“Our future looks bright so hopefully we can keep the athletes interested.  We try to make practice fun for everyone that comes out. We also keep the tournament competitions light and fun as well so the athletes can perform.  We can help develop a love for the game while looking to field a competitive team for Regionals and hopefully State,” said Rawles.

The upperclassmen have brought the team to a competitive level in the past few years. They have been fierce competitors at every tournament, and even had players go to state.

“One of our teammate Faith Mewmaw has been to state twice since I’ve been on the golf team, she was a freshman and a sophomore when she went,” said Jr. Natalie Biery.

The girls continue to grow through playing the game inside and outside of practice. The dynamic between underclassmen and upperclassmen is friendly, which creates a team atmosphere, one for success.

“Right now we have a pretty stable team that can go a long way next year. We have a lot of hard working girls whom’s goal is to make it to state, and I think it’s really amazing being apart of a determined team,” said Biery.