May Demon’s Advocate

May Demons Advocate

Caroline Knight, Head Editor

How do I get a summer job?

Summer jobs are a great way to earn some minor work experience, build your resume and of course, make some money (it’s mostly about the money). Entry-level jobs are usually pretty competitive in the summer, so get started with the process as soon as possible. You’ll find the most success at places that are hiring, but last year I put on some makeup and just dropped my resume off at every place I thought I’d like to work. You can ask for the manager and usually they won’t be there, so call after about three days to make sure someone got your resume. Thus, the story of how I got my job at Louisa’s Movie House. You shouldn’t expect to land your dream job over the summer, but it doesn’t hurt to apply to places that hold some of your interests (like if you love movies, you can work at one of the only movie rental stores left on the planet). It’s intimidating to put yourself out there and directly ask for a job, but at the end of the day, it sure as heck beats babysitting. Good luck!


How do I politely tell people in my class that screaming about gun control won’t solve anything?

Ah, the gun control debate. It’s an important issue, no doubt. It applies to students perhaps now more than ever, and in a high school where opinions on the value of the second amendment are largely divided, tensions run high. In this issue of El Diablo, there are two editorials (one by Caleb Simons, one by Paxton Scott) which tackle the issue of close-mindedness clearly and articulately- I hope everyone takes the time to read them. You’re right that yelling about gun control won’t solve anything, but I do think that open discussion will help, even if it’s in ways that seem intangible. My advice is to be respectful of the student talking, but if the setting is inappropriate, you can say so.


Everyone at school seems so confident-how are they doing that??

Fake it till you make it man, everyone’s doing it.