What is Aerospace? DHS Club Looks for New Members

Shelby Finnegan, Reporter

When people hear the phrase “Aerospace Design Team,” they typically think of some club with few people who have an interest for space. The word Aerospace just sounds technical. But when you walk into the room, you see a variety of people who have an interest for more than just aeronautics.

This club is welcoming, friendly, and full of people who were more than happy to share their experiences with DHS’ Aerospace Design Team with people who have heard little to nothing about the concept of aerospace.

“It’s not necessarily space nerds, we need a certain collection of people that are really into space and how you would live out there, but a lot of what we do is also business stuff, and architecture (making it comfortable for humans with recreation and entertainment), and robotics and animation to make, so it’s a lot of different interest levels,” said Sabine Furtauer, the engineering teacher here at DHS and supervisor of  the aerospace design team.

For anyone that is curious as to what goes on during the fourth hour class, a group of people work together to design a 50 page proposal for a space settlement during a class period in the second semester of the school year. The proposal (also known as an RFP, request for proposal) is given to them by a fake customer. The team has about two months of class time to create this space settlement which would ultimately keep humans alive in space.

“If we’re lucky, which we have been in the past years, [we are then able] to qualify for the international competition by placing first or second in North America. Then we go on to Florida and do the same process [as the 50 page proposal in class], but instead of a 50 page proposal over two months we do an actual presentation and we get 42 hours to work on it,” said member Sr. Abby Scott.

Internationals in Florida can be stressful,  seeing as you only have 42 hours to complete a project rather than two months of class time. Fortunately, with hard work, DHS is a seven time international space settlement design world champions.

“The fact that it is a student- ran class is why they’ve been so successful [with international wins] because the students are transmitting that knowledge and expertise to each other, so it’s not dependent on the teacher,” said Furtauer.

Hearing the term ‘aerospace’ may be intimidating for some students, but members of the aerospace class and design team assure you that you will get multiple benefits from being a part of this club.

“It’s all about being a part of something bigger than yourself, you don’t have to have a grasp on 100% of the concepts to contribute [to the proposals],” said Scott.

Anyone who has an interest in aerospace or helping the team in working towards getting  to nationals is more than welcome. The team is quite accepting of just about anyone who is interested and willing to contribute to the work. You will be benefited from joining this group, whether it’s learning more about aerospace, meeting new people, or learning to collaborate in new ways.