Creativity Festivity…A success!

Emily Fiala, Reporter

“Art is an important learning experience and a form of expression that is needed for our growth and development cognitivity,” said John Burnite, an art teacher at Durango High School.

Different kinds of artwork were presented at the Creativity Festivity for the public to see…and it was a hit!

The opening night was very profitable. People from all over town came to observe the students’ artwork.

“The opening of the Creativity Festivity is consistently one of the most popular and well-attended openings, and events, that the Durango Arts Center hosts this year. In that one night, the Durango Arts Center counted over 500 visitors!” said Krista Karpel, an arts teacher at Durango High School.

During the event, there were numbers of unique shows and performances. Not only did the DAC show student artwork, they also held poetry slams and plays.

The annual Poetry Slam was hosted by DHS. This event was held for high school students to show off their creative and impressive poems.

Another part of the Creativity Festivity was the small performance of Giants in the Sky. This was a play performed by the DAC Applause group, the actors ranging from 3rd-10th graders.

This play tells the story of giants who live up in the clouds. When the giants left the Earth millions of years ago, they made a goal to take care of the sky. One giant, however, decides to break the rules and goes on an adventure to Earth.

This was a way to show the Durango community how much talent our youth has and for the youth to show that off.

“The Creativity Festivity is an excellent example of how our school district collaborates and partners with community organizations to make unique opportunities happen for our students. We are very lucky to have that experience,” said Karpel.

This event hosts all these different performances, but overall it showcases artwork from Durango 9R schools. The schools include Durango High School, Animas High School, and Durango Montessori School.

“It is giving students a chance to display their artwork to the public and it can give them encouragement to continue on with art,” said Jessica Fiala, a junior at DHS.

Different kinds of artwork were presented at the show. There was 2D pieces of artwork such as paintings and photography. There was also 3D pieces such as sculptures and weaving projects.

“Having the variety of artwork attracts more interest,” said Fiala.

The National Art Honors Society at DHS participated in a huge weaving project for the show. Each school was assigned a section to weave out of old T-shirts and in the end they intertwined all of the sections together. The final project was hung up right in the entrance of the Creativity Festivity for everyone to see.

“I’m the president of NAHS and it was nice to see our hard work in the entrance for the community to see,” said Fiala.

There were elementary students all the way through high school students who participated in the event. The age difference offered a variety of artwork, from colorful scribbles to experienced craftsmanship.  

“The Creativity Festivity is one of my favorite events simply because it showcases the talents of so many visual art students at every level,” said Karpel.

Overall, this event has not only offered the public to see student artwork, but gave the students an opportunity to show off their hard work to the whole community. It exhibits the dedication and perseverance that the students put forth.

“But what makes the Creativity Festivity so strong is that it is a consistent exhibit of wonderful art projects,” said Karpel.