Music Making It’s Way Into Sleep


Kate McKinnis, Reporter

Music is a great way to unwind and chill from this crazy fast moving world. Not only does music induce a relaxing state, but it releases endorphins making the person feel happy and calm.

Many students will use music to fall asleep for different reasons. Frequent studies have been done, but none of them show conclusive data. In some studies, it shows that calm music helps you to fall asleep. However, another study shows that music interferes with sleep patterns.

Many people will use music to keep thoughts of PTSD or trauma from entering their brain at night. Some might just like the background noise.

“It’s ok to fall asleep to music however, you want to listen to music that relaxes you. If a certain song stirs positive or negatives emotions it’s not recommended for you to listen to that song. When sleeping, you don’t want to think and if you have these emotions you’re more likely to wake up,” said sleep specialist Gus Hallin.

Also, studies show that music that has less than 60 beats per minute is more likely to help you fall asleep. One artist that practices this technique is Ed Sheeran. If one plans on listening to music while falling asleep, they should think about how many beats are played in a minute.

“There is data that suggests that music can help people fall asleep. If you play Guns ‘N Roses, chances are low that it will put you to sleep,” says Michael Breus, Phd., upwave sleep expert.

Even if you listen to a slow non emotional connected song, the music still affects your REM (rapid eye movement) stage of the sleep cycle. The REM stage of the sleep cycle is important because it produces dreams and restores memory. If one is listening to music they may not get the full memory restoration that they need.

However, some students find that their memory is improved when they listen to music at night. Many high school students listen to music all the time. Mostly because high school is stressful.

“I listen to music when sleeping because it helps me reflect on my day and calms me while I fall asleep,” said Fr. Jenna Baker.

At Durango High School, we have many musicians and many of them enjoy listening to music. Not only do they play music, but they learn from the music they listen to.

“As a musician I listen to pieces I am learning and it really helps me learn those pieces. I listen to music because it helps me go to sleep quickly which is awesome when I’m up late doing homework after sports,” said So. Caleb McGrath.

Since the world is so diverse it is hard to tell exactly which artist and type of music helps one sleep better. Many times students will listen to rap, pop, country, etc. However, some like classical music and non vocalist music.

“I have found that as long as I am listening to some form of instrumental music whether it’s covers of my favorite songs or traditional classical music because it helps me stay balanced. I enjoy the variety so I don’t get overwhelmed by the common themes that different genres carry,” said McGrath.