Meet Your DHS Sports Coaches


Bekah Moenning, Head Sports Editor

Alan Batiste- Boys Basketball Coach & Boys Tennis Coach

Family Life- “My wife’s name is Rita Batiste, she owns Rose Duds down town. My oldest daughter is in fifth grade, her name is Tiana. My son is eight, and his name is Taj.”

Born- “I was born in 1981 in Tucson, Arizona and that is where I grew up.”

High School History- “I went to Santa Rita high school and played basketball all four years. I went out for football my freshman year and quit and since I’m not a quitter I went back out for football my sophomore year and finished the season.”

College History- “I attended college at a Jr. college in California, then I transferred to Topeka, Kansas. It was a culture shock. Then I transferred again to Fort Lewis where I got my degree. I played basketball all four years.”

How/why did you become a coach? “I have always been good with kids and I have always studied the game on a level of offense and defense more than just when I would play it so I felt like I had a good nac for being a student of the game. I just fell into it. After I was done playing I still wanted to be apart of it.”

What is it about Basketball? “It is a nonstop activity. There are so many different things you can do with basketball, it’s exciting.”

What is is about Tennis? “I am the tennis coach and I took on the job because I didn’t want a DHS sport to not have a coach. It was a blast and it helped me learn and grow as a coach.”


Tim Fitzpatrick- Girls Basketball Coach

Family Life- “My wife is Robin Tiles-Fitzpatrick, DHS Math Teacher, and I have  two wonderful girls. Lilly who is 10 and Gracie who is 8. They both compete on the Durango Gymnastics team and also play soccer. They keep us extremely busy.”

Born-  “I was born in New Jersey right across the Hudson River from New York City.”

High School History- “I attended high school in New Mexico and I was involved in basketball and soccer. My high school team won the only basketball state championship in the school history.”

College History- “I played basketball in college at Fort Lewis college and was inducted into the Hall of Fame there.”

How/why did you become a coach? “I started coaching during college in the summers and fell in love with it. They had a youth summer league here in Durango and my college teammate and I volunteered to coach one summer. I decided then to get my teaching certificate and become a teacher and coach. I have coached basketball here at Durango for  20 years. I also was the Head Boys and Head Girls soccer coach for a number of years.”

What is it about Basketball?  “I simply love the game of basketball and like to give back to the game that gave so much to me.”


Leo Garand- Wrestling Coach

Family Life- “I have a loving wife of twenty years, Krista, and two daughters; Teagan is a senior at DHS, and Kiah is a sophomore in college.”

Born- “I was born November 28th, 1964 in Fullerton, California.”

High School History- “I graduated in 1982 from Cypress High School in Cypress, CA. I wrestled, played football and ran track all three years at Cypress, and baseball for two.”

College History- “I attended Cypress and Fullerton Jr. colleges for two years where I wrestled and played football. I accepted a scholarship to Southern Utah University to play football and run both indoor and outdoor track.”

How/why did you become a coach? “It’s kind of a family trait. My father was a coach of over 25 years and started me coaching at fifteen with him in youth sports. I looked at it as my way to give back to my community and society as a whole.”

What is it about Wrestling- “Of all the sports I have participated in, and the seven that I have coached over 30+ years, wrestling is in my mind one of the greatest vehicles to teach young people about life, and deliver life lessons. It’s pure in the sense that it is you alone against all opponents, nobody to rely on, just your preparation and commitment.”


Jackie Herring- Dance Coach

Family Life- Has a three year old little boy.

Born- Born here in Durango, Co.

High School History- “I attended DHS and was on the Varsity dance team 3 of the years I attended DHS and was captain my senior year.”

How/why did you become a coach? “I applied to be the dance coach because dance was so important to me through high school, it built my confidence and gave me motivation to succeed in school, dance, and in my personal life and I wanted to see the dancers now have the same opportunities I had.”

What is it about dance? “My passion for dance has grown over the years because everyone can enjoy it, whether watching it or dancing themselves. I love watching my dancers confidence improve as they work hard and achieve their person and team goals: It’s really what has kept me so passionate about dance.”


Thomas Joyner- Swim Coach

Family Life- “I have three children. Two are swimmers and one is a baseball player. Two go to DHS and my oldest is a Junior at CU Denver. I am married to a 4th generation Durangoan (Class of ’87). We’ve been married 23 years. We are busy with work and the things our kids enjoy. We like to ski as a family every Sunday if possible.”

Born- Born in Paris, France in 1965.

High School History- “I attended High School in Reston, Virginia. I swam and lettered all four years. I also participated but didn’t compete in gymnastics.”

College History- “I went to Beloit College for my undergraduate degree and I swam my first year of college.”

How/why did you become a coach? “I became a coach at DHS because I felt that I had something to contribute to the sport and young athletes. I started with just coaching the boy’s team and picked up the girl’s team three years ago. After 7 years of coaching, I found that I enjoyed working with young adults so much that I decided to become a teacher.”

What is it about swim? “I am passionate about watching great swim races and putting in all the hard work that leads up to that point. I really enjoy helping swimmers of all abilities achieve more than they thought they could. I love to work with students who may never have swum much but are interested and excited to become part of the DHS Swim Team.”


Dalon Parker- Girls & Boys Soccer Coach

Family Life- Married to wife Sarah with a son Elijah.

Born- Born in Dallas, Texas.

High School History- “Duncanville and Ovilla Christian; I played basketball, football, soccer and ran track.”

College History- Attended Ouachita Baptist University and Dallas Christian College and played college basketball and soccer.

How/why did you become a coach? “I wanted to help provide an opportunity for youth to be apart of something bigger than themselves (Family). Give back what was given to me through athletics. I became a coach through my mentor who allowed me to coach tennis. The first sport I ever coached.”

What is it about Soccer? “My passion for soccer and all my sports is not the sports themselves but the kids that play for me. The sport is just a tool to help me relate to the youth and try to help guide them through this crazy world.”


Colleen Vogt- Volleyball Coach

Family Life- “I have been married to Coach Vogt for about 2 1/2 years. I have an amazing, loving, supportive family and family in law who are all coaches and teachers and two younger brothers. No kids yet! Lucky to have such an amazing family and husband!”

Born- Born & raised in Durango, Colorado.

High School History- “Graduated from DHS in 2007, played volleyball and basketball.”

College History- “Attended Colorado College, graduated with a BA in Psychology and played college volleyball there. Amazing program, school, and people. Got my Master’s Degree through Grand Canyon University in Special Education.”

How/why did you become a coach? I became a coach because I love working with student-athletes, especially those at the varsity level, and helping them to not only become the best volleyball players but the best people they can be. It’s fun to build life long relationships and have an impact on their lives. Every life lesson, positive or negative, I have learned has been through playing athletics and I want my student-athletes to have that same experience. Plus, volleyball is the best sport there is!

What is it about Volleyball? “Volleyball is so fast paced, which makes it a lot of fun! It’s an ultimate team game, you can’t win without everyone on the court doing their job all the time. I fell in love with volleyball when I was a young kid and that love has never faded. I like being able to share my passion with others who have the same passion.”


Danielle Phillis – Girls Tennis Coach

Family Life- “I am married to a fellow tennis player, Eben. Tennis is how we met. No kids yet. Working on a dog first.”

Born- “Born in Nashua, NH in 1986. My husband and I ended up in Durango because I am an orthodontist, and I took over my practice, A Smile By Design, from a retiring doctor.”

High School History- “I attended the local catholic school, Bishop Guertin. I played for the varsity team all four years. We were state champions all four years I was on the team, and I won the state singles title twice, as well as the doubles single once (I had a triple crown my senior year). I played soccer and competed at indoor track my freshman year, but gave them up to focus on tennis after that.”

College History- “I attended Villanova University where I competed on the women’s varsity tennis team. I competed in singles and doubles for all four years. I earned my BS degree in Biology with a psychology minor.”

How/why did you become a coach? “I became a coach because I love tennis, and I have coached at a tennis camp for 15 years. I was searching for a way to continue my coaching in Durango, and the perfect opportunity presented itself with the girls’ team.”

What is is about Tennis? “Tennis is a truly unique sport, that can be played across one’s lifetime. It’s a sport that has given me tremendous joy in my life, and I am happy I have found a way to share it with others.”


David Vogt- Football Coach

Family Life- “Just me and my wife so far.”

Born- Born in San Marcos, Texas.

High School History- Went to New Braunfels High School where he played football, basketball, wrestled, and ran track.

College History- He attended Texas Lutheran University where he played football for all 4 years.

How/why did you become a coach? “My Dad was a coach and I grew up a coach’s son and around sports my whole life. So when I didn’t make it to the NFL I thought being a teacher and coach was the next best thing. To teach my player the life lessons I have learned from playing sports. You can learn so many great life lessons from sports from, self discipline, work ethic, respect, teamwork and the list goes on an on.”

What is it about Football? “I think it’s the physical and mental, aspect of the game. You have to be tough, and smart to be successful. Go Demons!”