Morgan Mallony, Reporter

Art around DHS is definitely diverse and exemplary work. Many students that attend Durango High School like to express themselves through art, whether it be drawing, ceramics, photography etc.

Being a school’s art program, interacting with your peers and sharing ideas can be advantageous to students to may feel like they need an outlet to express themselves. In art you can do whatever you think would be be suited for you and express yourself in any way you want.

The school’s art teachers are Krista Karpel and Jay Burnite. Burnite talked about his opinions on what kind of art he tries to portray and also how he teaches his students. “I like to base my art around natural things like nature” says Burnite. And he tends to use repetition in his art.

He described a recent piece he made based around the number 3, which represents the 3 members of his family. Art is individualistic unique to each person, and Overall he feels like students should be able to make art that they feel is most their style.

“I don’t  want to thrust my opinion of art on to my students”  said Burnite.

A student who has much talent in drawing her pieces by diversifying herself from others is Maleigha Glasco, who is in 4th period drawing with Mr. Burnite.

“I enjoy anime style characters and incorporating a bold outline” said Glasco

In a past piece of hers a message she was trying to portray was against animal abuse but she says that for the most part messages that are in her art a usually based off personal experiences.

“I bring past experiences back to life” said Glasco.

She says that this class is very beneficial to her and she wants to pursue a career in drawing characters for video games and also tv shows or movies.

“My motto is if your hard working and passionate your life goes places.” Said Glasco.

Art can be a great outlet for students who need to focus for even just get their mind off things. Nowadays many people have different and out of the box ideas for art and ways to depict what they’re passionate about making.

Picking career can be very difficult for high schoolers who don’t know what they’ll be doing in the future. Art could benefit people in many ways career wise, because of all the sub categories there are to it.

Many people express themselves in different ways Durango High School is a great place to find out your passions and options for yourself in the future.