Q & A With Wakesurfing Champion So. Jordan Taylor

Jack Whistler, Reporter

While other students are sweating out their summer vacation, sophomore Jordan Taylor is steaming the competition at the lake. Jordan, Wakesurfing State Champion,  gives us an inside look as to how she came to be a hardcore wake surfer.


Q: Not many people at DHS or Durango know what wakeboarding is, can you tell me about it?


A: It’s actually wakesurfing, a lot of people get that mixed up. So, you have a boat and the water is displaced and creates an infinite wave. You start out holding onto the rope and eventually you let go and throw the rope back into the boat, and then you’re just on an infinite wave behind a boat on a lake, which is super cool.


Q: How did you first get into wakesurfing?


A: My mom has family in Tennessee who lives near a lake and it was first introduced to us there. Then we got our own boat and we started surfing here on Navajo, and I’ve been surfing for three years now.


Q: How do the competitions work?


A: We all go to the lake where the competition is, and we hop on a jetski out to the boat. Each age group goes at a different time, mine is women’s 14-19 surf. Then you do a run. A run is four minutes long, so you have four minutes to stay up and earn as many points as you can.   


Q: How do you earn points during a competition?


A: It depends on how good you are; certain tricks get you certain points. There’s airs and 360s, and they never tell you how many points you get for each trick and that’s what makes the competitions unique.


Q: What’s the current surfing community like?


A: Not a lot of people do it in Durango, but there’s more surfers than you think in Colorado. At each event there’s 40-50 people there which is pretty big for Colorado. It’s a sport that’s growing and expanding. I do see a lot of people up at Navajo but I don’t know them.


Q: Is there anything else that you want to add before we finish?


A: I competed three times over the summer and I won every single one of them, and then I went on to win the state championship in Colorado. There also might be a regional competition that I might get to go to if it happens.