Demon’s Advocate: November

Demons Advocate: November

Caroline Knight, Head Editor

Disclaimer: While this column does contain awesome and solid advice, it does not reflect the views of the entire El Diablo Staff nor of the DHS student body, just those of a teenager.


How do I tell my friend’s mom that I love her?


How do you handle someone blowing vape in your face in class?

In my experience, a simple “stop breathing on my face, please” has been pretty effective. The fact that this is a relatable issue is kind of startling, so Vape Lords, it’s time to cool it. I get that everyone needs a hobby, but I don’t care that you just got a new juice flavor, please vape in your own face.

How do you censor yourself around people uncomfortable with cursing?

Picture this: you’re sitting in the car with your boyfriend and his mom, whom you’ve only met recently, and you drop a fat f-bomb. You quickly realize your mistake, and censor yourself with a “sh*t!” She is horrified. If you’re like me, your parents haven’t corrected cursing since 6th grade, so it’s all but impossible to turn off, even around your new boyfriend’s stranger mom. Here is some advice from wikiHow:

  • Ping yourself with a rubber band every time you swear, thereby training yourself (like a dog?) to watch your mouth.
  • Pretend your grandmother is always within earshot (I’m sorry Nan)
  • Replace swear words with harmless substitutes (For example: I can’t believe I failed another ducking Calc test)

In all seriousness, if someone is uncomfortable with you cursing around them, for religious reasons or otherwise, respect that and think about what you say before you say it, with the expectation that they’ll be understanding if you slip up every once in awhile. Grandma will appreciate the effort.


All questions answered are real submissions from DHS students. If you have a question for the Demon’s Advocate to answer, or would like to comment on the column above, please email [email protected]