Hype for Winter Sports

Mo Murray, Sports Editor

When the weather turns colder and snow starts to fall, many students in DHS begin to prepare for one of the most anticipated times of the year: ski season. For many kids who were born in Durango or have lived here for a significant amount of time, winter sports have been integrated into their upbringing for years. This year, the upcoming season is instilling excitement in students from every corner of DHS, who are stoked to finally get back on the slopes after a long summer.

Junior Quin Christ, who has been skiing for 13 years, says that “being in the mountains makes all the stress of everyday life fall away, and the focus that skiing requires keeps your thoughts from wandering.”

Many students like Christ use skiing as an outlet to relieve stress and channel their energy into something fun and active. Students eagerly await the arrival of snow throughout the summer and fall months, so they can finally spend time on the mountain with friends as much as possible.

Senior Teagan Seiler also uses skiing with his friends  as an escape from the headaches of everyday life. “When I put on my boots and head up to the mountain it doesn’t matter if I failed that test yesterday or I didn’t get that girl’s number, all that matters is that my world will be right for the next few hours,” said Seiler.  

For students like Christ and Seiler, ski season provides a challenging yet comfortable and fun environment to spend time with friends and put other negative aspects of life on the back-burner. Without this opportunity, many students would not have a healthy outlet during the harsh winter months when snow limits other outdoor activities in Durango. Skiing encourages students to stay active and have fun, which is both physically and mentally healthy for high school students (i need to fix this sentence).

Students in Durango also often choose skiing as an outlet due to the unique local climate, which provides extended periods of snow starting as early as october and lasting well into spring. DHS also periodically declares snow days, which often means an extra day to hang with your friends at the local ski resort. Purgatory, being only 30 minutes away and having a local discount, means many kids at DHS can easily go to spend time with friends and family on the mountain as often as they want.

Additionally, more serious skiers are are commonly found in Durango because of the amazing surrounding areas that provide easy access for training during the winter.

Seiler also commented on the more athletic aspect of skiing.  “The sport involves exploration of your limits and reaching your potential and progressing as much as you can,” said Seiler.

Skiing provides opportunities for students to relax and have fun, yet also creates a competitive environment for those looking to advance in the sport. Other surrounding areas such as Telluride also provide easy access to a variety of different trails and competitions, which attracts students of all skill levels to the snowy mountains.