Honorary Coach Program

Brianna Brown , Head Specials Editor

The Durango High School Volleyball team started a new program featuring teachers at DHS. The purpose behind this program is to share a little bit of the volleyball experience with teachers throughout the high school, with an overarching goal to receive greater support.

The volleyball team, before each home game, selects three teachers they want to be “Honorary Coaches” for that game. Then, they bring those teachers each an Honorary Coach shirt and detailed instructions outlined on a sheet of paper. The teachers are required to come to the practice before the game for at least 30 minutes and are asked to participate in drills. Then, they are asked to come to the home game and stand with the players at the endline while they are recognized as Honorary Coaches.

“As a staff, we’ve talked about school spirit and the importance of having pride in our school and I wanted to create an avenue through athletics where that could happen. I’ve seen and heard nothing but positive feedback about the program, from our Honorary Coaches to our student athletes and everyone has had a great time. Our program wants to recognize those staff members who have made an impact on the lives of our student athletes and hopefully help others to appreciate the value of athletics as an avenue for teaching and learning,” said Colleen Vogt, the Varsity Volleyball coach and a teacher at DHS.

The Volleyball players’ believe this to be a positive thing started by Vogt. They see more support from teachers and feel like the teachers become more intrigued and feel more respect for student athletes.

“I think it is cool that we are getting teachers involved because I think all staff members at DHS should be involved in extracurriculars as well as teaching. I think it brings student athletes closer to the staff at the school which is really exciting to see,” said Jr. Maura Fitzpatrick.

Walking around the halls of DHS, players feel more connected to their teachers and feel more support from them going into every game.

“Being named Honorary Coach was one of the biggest honors I’ve ever had here at the high school. I had so much fun at practice and was sore for days after and I loved every second of it. I cannot remember when I had more fun at an athletic event,” said Anatomy teacher and Honorary Coach, Monte Jackson.

The teachers who get asked feel excited to be apart of this program. They are enthusiastic about to coming to practice and seeing what volleyball is all about.

“I was so honored and thrilled to be selected as an Honorary Coach and the best part was getting to see the athletes in all their amazing, athletic glory during the practice drills,” said Honorary Coach and History teacher at DHS, Leigh Gozigian.

This program allows teachers to see how hard student athletes work and the talents that each individual has that is sometimes missed during a game.

“All DHS teachers are so supportive of student athletes and it is very important that they get recognized for helping students be successful in the classroom and on the court. This program allows athletes and teachers connect outside of the classroom,” said Sr. Brett Rowland.

The Honorary Coach Program for the volleyball team is looking to continue throughout the years.

Sidebar: Aside from the Honorary Coach program, the DHS Volleyball team has had the best start to a season since 2010.