DHS’s Over-The-Top Powderpuff Game

Clara Krull and Ella Reynolds, Reporters

Durango High School’s homecoming week is fulfilled with many fun activities inside and out of school such as Macho Man, The Bonfire, and the homecoming dance itself. Aside from those activities, Powder Puff is one of the many exciting things to happen. Two teams of girls, juniors and freshmen, and Sophomores and seniors team up to play an amusing game of flag football.

The girls line up, their shirts decorated with numbers and signs, ready to start, as #7 Maddie Derian kicks the game off to a great start. “I was feeling good!” says Maggie Maloney who played for the red team. “A little nervous but super excited because it’s always fun and it was my last year to do it”

Freshman Jojo Bisantz states that she is happy that DHS offers Powder Puff at the school, and that it is super fun and great for girls to meet new people and connect with girls who are playing on the same team as them. She wishes that the school should offer this event more often to people that are interested and enjoy playing football. The one thing she would change with herself and her Powder Puff team was to schedule more practices. She says she will definitely be playing again, she liked the opportunity to be able to play a sport girls don’t get to usually play (football).

Jael Larson made the first touchdown for the red team during the third quarter “I was super excited for the game” says Larson” “I was thrilled and energized when I made the touchdowns. I played to play football and thrill of doing a sport not normal for girls.” But for some of the other girls, they may have not felt the same way. “It seemed like some of the girls played to be rude and to start fights.”

Later on, things got a little heated between the teams, and girls were crawling over each other to get ahold of the ball. Both teams were obviously motivated to win, and they got a little obsessive with it.

Jojo says her opinion on girls not being able to play football in general is that if girls/women that are passionate about something to the point where they would want to play on a team she feels that they should be able to.  Jojo expresses that her favorite part about Powder Puff is being able to play on the field under the lights and having the attention of the crowd on her and her team.

At four quarters the teams had tied at a score of 1-1, and were now going into overtime. Each team would get three chances to score the winning points. At this point, the crowd was roaring for either the red or blue team, on the edge of the benches ready to see who would be the victor.

Jael Larson made another amazing touchdown, scoring the winning points for the red team, initialed SAS. The girls shouted over the triumph, smiles across their faces as they received a large trophy.

“I think the game ended good! Especially because I lost we won but also I lost my tooth which sucked, but it was worth it haha! It was a little nerve wracking going into overtime but it was super fun and I’m glad we did.” says Maggie

The red team gathers in a circle, chanting the “Party” song. Overall, the game was a great opportunity and activity for girls, and a good time for the crowd.