Tiny Room Concerts: Ben Debelina

Gwen Stoddard, Reporter

Ben Debelina is a Junior at Durango High School that has been involved with music for many years, whether through the school or his success in being chosen to play for the San Juan Youth Symphony. He plays the bass and ukulele and let the El Diablo get a sneak peek at his Ukulele playing skills at our debut of the new series “Tiny Room Concerts” which features local students and their various talents, including music, poetry, fashion, and beyond. Check out the full story and link to the video of Debelina showing off his talents at our website: Eldiablonews.com. If you’re interested in participating in Tiny Room Concerts, please contact us at [email protected]


Q: What inspired you to start your music career?


A: I really like music, but ultimately it was my parents who told me to start playing music, and they signed me up for lessons and music camp and I eventually got really into it too because it’s super fun and Durango has an awesome music community.


Q: What would you say your favorite piece of music is?


A: I love “In One Ear” by Cage the Elephant, it’s a lot about rebellious teenage experience and how it has inherent meaning, even though people say it doesn’t, and I’m not a very rebellious teen but I can connect to that message.


Q: Who has been your most impressionable person throughout your music experience?


A: Honestly I learn a lot from teachers, which makes sense, I’ve been taking lessons with Jessie Ogel for almost as long as I’ve been playing bass, and I learned a lot through that. The band Cage the Elephant has also had a big impact on my music life.


Q: Do you think you plan on pursuing music as a career or as a hobby in the future?


A: At the moment it’s a very consuming hobby that takes up a lot of my time, I will by the end of the year be playing in two jazz bands and three orchestras which takes up a lot of my life, I’m not sure I can pursue it as a career just because that industry is so competitive, something I’ve been really interested in recently though is sound design, because you still get to experience music and the community.