Grease is the one we want!

Natalie Biery, Reporter

2017 Troupe 1096 puts on Grease production for DHS students

The epic romance between two high school students makes its way into the Demon’s theater this fall. Sr. Curtis Salinger and Jr. Sophie Hughes take the stage as the leads Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee. The classic story is about a young girl, Sandy, who moves from Australia and meeting the charming and pleasant Danny Zuko. Only to have Sandy realize that this was not the real Danny and he was really a greaser. But as all love stories go, they fall in love and end up  together.

Salinger and Hughes do a wonderful job displaying the film, and making it a new experience for viewers by rearranging the songs, and letting people we know producing. Senior Curtis Salinger explains what it’s like coming into his senior year and ending his last year with a bang.

“If there’s one thing I want to leave with as a senior, it’s a hope that I’ve inspired someone at some point” said Curtis. “Whether it’s inspiring someone to do theatre, or to do something that they’ve been wanting to do, or inspired a thought in someone.”

Grease is an old time classic that is being told by Troupe 1096. Rizzo is played by Jenna Szczech, Frenchy is played by McKenzie James, Marty is played by Siena Widen, and Jan is played by McKenzie Belt.

The male characters are played by Micah Hwang who is playing Kenickie, Doody is played by Braden Helfrich, Roger played by Athen Garza, and Sonny is played by Colson Parker.

Grease is very different from the other plays DHS have produced. “Grease is a lot different than anything I’ve ever done, especially during my highschool career.”  said Salinger, “I’ve never done a really fun dance show before. This is very much carried by its upbeat fun dance songs which I really enjoy.”

The students at DHS have noticed the difference in the play, and how hard the actors work to make it a great experience for the audience. “I think they nailed it, there were a few different songs but I think they did very well” said Fr. Bryn Valdez. “Overall I think it was amazing!” said Jr. Riley Mata, “You could tell every single student in that play was dedicated and wanted to be doing what they were doing.”

They also talked about how the actors did portraying the original characters “I think the actors did a great job playing the characters and creating the story, it worked very well ” said Mata. “I thought that Sandy did a great job, and everyone really got into their characters and made the play come to life” said Valdez.

The students at Durango High School enjoyed this fun romance, and can’t wait to see what the theatre has planned for the rest of the year.