Students’ Perspective on Macho Man

Domi Devin, Reporter

Macho Man at DHS is one of the very exciting thrilling sports to watch  during homecoming week. It was a fun game, and it’s always exciting watching guys play a sport dominated by females.

“I enjoyed the game, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great experience.I thought everyone else was a little better than our team, but we still did well,” said Johnson.

“Before we play I start getting nervous,” said Johnson. When they actually start he is prepared and forgets about it.  Playing against the coaches was the scary part, because they knew how to play.

“No one took it too seriously, and nobody got upset even though they lost. Also that it was just fun and not a very serious game” said Johnson.

“I wished we could’ve played again,” said Johnson. He felt that they could’ve won more games, but he thinks they still placed well.

Boden Philippon, Add sentence here about Boden and who he is. e said that they lost against the 2nd senior team, and then they lost against the coaches losing in general.

The hardest team according to Boden was definitely the coaches. “They hit the hardest and they’ve played before,” said Philippon..

Overall Macho Man along with all the other homecoming activities was a very captivating game in spirit, and after what they said it sounds like a joyful memory to have with all of your friends.