Antifa Story

Austin Swan, Reporter


Who is Antifa? Anti-fascist is a far left extremist group that has been deemed domestic terrorists by the department of homeland security known for committing acts of violence against those who disagree with them.


What do they stand for? Antifa claims to stand against fascism, racism, sexism, lgbt discrimination. Antifa claims to stand for free speech

How do they act? Antifa shows up to events ready to be violent. Antifa wears black clothes and masks everywhere that they go . Anitfa believes that they need to be the ones to stand up against “fascism” themselves by using violence and fascism. Antifa tries to silence all speech they oppose by claiming that it is “racist” “sexist” “misogynistic” etc. Antifa thinks that speech against minorities leads to violence against minorties so they have to take violent action against people speaking against minorities. They dont agree with what people are saying, so they decide the logical solution is to try and deny them of their constitutional rights. Becuase of the fast growing pace and amount of support antifa is receiving, they seem to think they now get to decide who has the right to assemble and speak.


What to do about it? I believe that the easiest and most logical solution is a stronger police force that isnt told to back down against antifa. The police need to be the people that ensure that the constitutional rights of all people are maintained, no matter who they are. The police need to make sure antifa is not allowed to shut down free speech with violence because they disagree with the speaker(s). Police have been told by people in charge to back off and not get involved when antifa shows up for fear of creating more violence. This approach has been proven to not work because when the police back off antifa gets violent anyways. If the police are allowed and able to take action against militant antifa members then free speech can be protected.