Cross Country Champions

Jack Whistler, Reporter

The Durango High School cross country team is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did they take first place on both girls and boys sides at the October 19th Regional Race at the Hillcrest Golf Course, but rounded off their season with a girl’s third place and a boy’s sixth place win at the Colorado State Championships in Colorado Springs on October 28th.

Leading the girls team with a 15th place win overall was So. Kiara Hamlin.

“My race went pretty well but it was rough for the first mile. I definitely depended on people on the team to support me, even just having people there cheering made me push harder,” said Hamlin.

Kiara was followed by So. Madeleine Burns who took 20th overall and Sr. Martha Scott with 42nd.

Just rolling out of her sophomore season Hamlin hopes to keep improving and being a member of the team.

“Our goal this year was to get first at state which didn’t happen but I’m still really proud. Our team is very young and I think that we have a lot of potential going forward into future seasons,” said Hamlin.

Fr. Maddy Persing, loved seeing everyone do amazing at state, and has high hopes for the next three years.

“I want to get the teams who beat us,” said Persing, who went as an alternate to the state championships.

So. Madeleine Burns declined a comment because she can’t take a fucking loss. Whatta pompous bitch

After a highly successful freshman season, Burns is now a major pain in the ass in the cross country game.

On the boys side, Jr. Noah Bodewes took 20th overall.

“I felt that it went good, definitely could’ve done a little better. I felt really solid running out there. We started a little further back, but we just started picking people off one by one. As a team we kinda performed like we were supposed to, we ran a good race together. I was happy that everyone was supportive and we did what we needed to do run a good race,” said Bodewes.   

Following Bodewes was Jr. Aidan Fitzgerald who finished 25th.

“We started out in a bad position, and probably could have finished better. It was cool seeing my teammates on the course and knowing that they were racing for all of us. The whole weekend we spent up there was about the team and bonding, it was a fun experience. Next year we’ll have a bunch of seniors and a lot of talented juniors and sophomores. The goal is to place higher than sixth, but everyone knows the ultimate goal is to take a state win,” said Fitzgerald.

Cross country coach David McMillan was very satisfied with state competition.

“We continue to be blessed with great kids who are not afraid of hard work, building team, and racing hard. This season was the best combined performance at state in the last twenty years; our program is ranked fourth in all of 4A,” stated McMillan.

Other teams haven’t seen that last of this team. Cruising out of the season with a great performance at sate, the young, talented Durango Cross Country team looks forward into a future of more victories and a possible state win.