Demon’s Advocate


Caroline Knight, Head Editor

It seems like I can’t catch any guys’ attention in high school, what am I doing wrong, what should I do?- Lonely Hearts Club

Probably everyone has felt like this at some point, and if you haven’t: a fat gold star for you. One thing I’ve learned about high schoolers is we are all super perceptive about people being fake. It’s like a sixth sense and there’s literally no hiding who you are from us so it’s in everyone’s best interest to just be themselves. I think confidence in who you are is key, and if you don’t have any of that: fake it ‘til ya make it. The only other advice I have is to be really hot, it’s working for me.

P.S. I think it’s worth noting that if you’ve been trying to catch a guy’s attention and he’s still not digging it, you might be trying to get attention from the wrong people. Good relationships of any kind should never be one sided.


I’m a straight A student who always works hard in all their classes, but this year I think I’m going to end up with a B in a class that’s been really hard for me. I’m pretending to be okay with it but I’m really not, it’s stressing me out a lot, what should I do?-basically Caroline Knight, her freshman year

Hi! I know what this is like! It’s really hard to be a perfect student all your life and then suddenly struggle at something that has always come naturally to you. If you’ve voiced your concerns to your friends, odds are good they rolled their eyes and called you a huge nerd. So am I, so here’s the speech Deb Medenwaldt (DHS counselor, local hero) gives me when I’m stressing out about school: Everyone wants straight As, most people don’t get them, and everyone turns out okay. I’m here to tell you you can still without a doubt get into college, and not just any college, but one you want to go to. Something you might find interesting is that admissions staff at colleges are sometimes hesitant to accept straight A students-they are the most likely to dropout of college because good grades have always been a given for them, so as soon as they figure out college is hard, they quit. See your B as a sign you have dealt with adversity in your classes but you persevered! Additional fact: the DHS counselors have gotten someone into Stanford (acceptance rate: 4.8%) with a C on their transcript. Breathe.