Average workload of homework that students have

Lucy Hall, Reporter

El Diablo

Homework students have

Clara Krull


In this article freshman Lucy hall was interviewed about her opinions and insight on homework at DHS.

Lucy Hall freshman at DHS states that although homework isn’t a student’s favorite thing to do, it can be helpful with studying and retracing information that you may have forgotten. Lucy feels that she appreciates when teachers allow students to work on assignments/homework they may not have finished and homework that they assign during class.

But when teachers give a random assignments at the end of class or especially on the weekend because it can be somewhat of a overload. She mentions that she understands why teachers give homework because it can improves your child’s thinking and memory, can help your child have positive study skills and habits that will benefit him or her in throughout life and homework can also encourage your child to use their time wisely.

But there are still cons to having homework. Lucy implies that in spite of the things homework can help you with, it can also take away more time from other activities students enjoy out of school. Lucy stated that in most of her free time out of school she loves to mountain bike, ski,  hang out with friends and spend time with family. Even though Lucy feels that homework has good and bad things, she expresses that personal homework helps treat me on track with grades or overall more organized.

Lucy came to DHS from mountain middle school and she was expressing that it was hard at the beginning, because at mountain you would have big projects that you would work on over a long period of time and she states that it’s not only the homework but just all the work in general at DHS that is really different then mountain. Having to turn things in faster and not having as much time to do stuff took some getting used to earlier in the year and sometimes on certain work it still is.

She feels that having homework once again can be helpful but it gets overwhelming with the many other things students have to worry about, and yes homework is just something that is going to be apart of school lucy feels that it adds more stress to stress students already have because it does affect your grade. Lucy values that the majority of her classes let her do her work during class even though it may only be a short period of time.