Sophie Adamski, Reporter

Durango High School’s annual homecoming dance- hosted October 21st -and the events of the week preceding the dance were “very successful,” says junior Audrey Stein, member of the student council. “Compared to other high schools in Colorado, ours was very extended. Not only did it go smoothly with student council putting it on, we had a massive turnout of students.”

Although the actual dance is coordinated by student council and, in some regard, the staff,  Stein says much of the participation is up to students. “We can’t make students participate in things like twin day,” she remarked. “We can encourage it, we can advertise it as much as we’d like to, but we can’t totally enforce it.”

Stein also noted that planning  a dance proved much harder than anticipated. “Between tediously decorating, and trying to fit that in with the theme for the dance… It just proved to be a lot of hard work.”

The student council thanks the student council for all that they did, showing appreciation for the dance and its associated events, and turning the week into something worthwhile.