Gordon Hayward Injury

Will Tyler, Reporter

After fracturing his tibia and dislocating his ankle, NBA All-Star Gordon Hayward may or may not be the same again. Gabriel Haaland, Sam Johnson and Alan Batiste all reacted to this incident, telling us about the injury itself and the outcome.

Hayward was traded to the Boston Celtics on July 14th, 2017, previously playing for the Utah Jazz. On opening night of the 2017 season, Gordon Hayward landed incorrectly on his left leg after attempting to finish an alley-oop, resulting in him being carried off the court on a stretcher. Hayward had a short metal rod and 13 screws put into his tibia and ankle.

Alan Batiste, a health teacher and Durango High School’s basketball coach, was asked about Hayward’s injury. After showing Batiste a capture of Hayward’s ankle right after the incident, he said, “I’m not really thinking about how bad the injury is, but [he’s] more sorry for him”.

Gabriel Haaland, a basketball player for the Durango High School basketball team, was asked about how Hayward’s skill level will be affected once he comes back. “Compared to Paul George’s injury, it wasn’t that bad, and since Paul George came back strong, I think Gordon Hayward will too,” he said.

Batiste also commented on how Hayward’s contract might be affected when he recovers and returns to the court. “Well, I don’t think that anything is going to happen to Hayward’s money at all, he’ll still have that high paying contract and will get the money either way,” he said.

Freshman Sam Johnson is also one of Durango High School’s basketball players, and was informed about Hayward’s injury. When he was asked about Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward’s potential if the injury hadn’t happened, Johnson said, “If Gordon Hayward’s injury had not have happened, I still think the Cavs would have beat them, and I think the Cavs are the best team in the East. The Celtics would’ve pushed the Cavs, but wouldn’t have beat them.”

In 2014, NBA All-Star Paul George completely snapped his tibia and fibula during Team USA’s practice game. George had gotten a metal rod installed into his entire tibia, as well as four screws. His recovery took a year and a half.

After asking Haaland about Paul George’s injury compared to Hayward’s recent injury, he responded by saying, “I don’t think it’s as bad; Paul George’s injury was a clean break, and Gordon Hayward’s was a lot less bad.”

Johnson reacted differently: “It’s very similar. The only thing is, Paul George’s injury was over the summer, but missed the entire year and half of the next. He made a great comeback, but it took him a while.” Johnson also added that, “Hayward’s is down at the ankle, while George’s was up in the tibia. Hayward’s is worse, just because tibias can heal fully, but ankles never really heal fully.”

GM of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge commented on Hayward’s injury saying “[his] season this year is most likely over.” Hayward verified this, saying it’ll take a full year to recover.

“It’ll probably take a while before the injury itself is fully healed, but once that happens It’ll probably be around June, July when his therapy starts, but will be playing again by next season” says Batiste.

When Johnson, Haaland and Batiste were all asked about what can be done in the future to prevent injuries related to these, they all responded in a similar way, agreeing that there are few ways to prevent injuries related to these; the majority of the time, it is a rare accident and can’t be prevented.