College Preparation

Haley Szcech, Head News Editor

Every year, high school juniors and seniors face the impending college struggles. While some choose not to attend college right out of high school, those that do all undergo the same ordeal. The endless studying, finals, and SAT preparation aren’t even half of it. The question is, how prepared is Durango High School’s student body?

Junior Braden Helfrich does not feel ready to go onto college, but he has a plan and goals. He also recognizes how the school is trying to prepare students for the rest of their life.

“I believe that I have a set plan for what I want to do, but I’m not completely sure if everything will work out exactly that way. So I am just working and doing everything I can now and hopefully that plan will work out. I also think it’s really difficult to prepare a kid for college especially since everyone wants to do something different and not all of the classes can suit those needs. However, I do feel that there are skills I’m learning and I have been taught how to play the school system.”

Although some students are definitely not ready for the rest of their life, others are even less prepared. Junior Charlotte Hale represents a section of the student body who knows they need more time and preparation.

“I don’t think anyone’s prepared for college until we get to college. Personally, no, I’m not prepared at all.”

However, she also agrees that AP classes are helpful in preparing students for college, while her other classes aren’t necessarily helpful in the same way.

“I think that my AP classes are preparing me, but other that that, I think that college is about real life and the classes we’re taking aren’t preparing us for that.”

It’s unfortunate that so many students feel so unprepared, but at least they know what they can do to help themselves and be ready for college.