Digital Photography!

Alexis Hoff, Reporter

Photography isn’t just about taking pictures, it’s about widening your horizons and expressing yourself through art. All students have a voice and art is a way that they can get that voice to be heard. Photography is just one of the many ways to do it.

Roxie Mitchell, the photography teacher at Durango High School, is there to help kids express their artistic ability through pictures. Mrs. Mitchell is very passionate about helping her students reach their goals and making sure that they are doing their best with their photos.

“Everybody’s got a camera, and everybody can take photos, but how do you try to do something that’s new and different than what you’ve seen before?” said Mitchell.

Most students in this class come up with very original ideas, but that isn’t always easy to do. When a project is assigned, students have time to go places with friends or family and take pictures that are not only cool but also have meaning to the student. A lot of kids get their inspiration from online sites or social media apps such as instagram.

Photography class is about being unique and being able to stand out from the rest of the students, each student creates something different but none of the students incorporate or copy other students ideas, for example a student edited a picture to make it look like the skate park was a grassy area with flowers, when in general it was concrete.  Many students at DHS who are taking photography and any other art classes available feel that it is something that they would recommend to other students.

“I think most students would enjoy this class because they would get to express themselves in the way they want to with no judgements or fear of failure,” said Fr. Caydance Wilson. This class gives the student freedom to take photos of whatever they please and edit them the way that they see fit.  Students are welcome to take photos in and outside of school.With Durango’s beautiful mountain scenery students find many locations to photograph, including:hiking trails, ski resorts, and even downtown Durango is a good place to go.

“Photography is something that I really enjoy because I pretty much get to do whatever I want with my pictures and edit them however I feel is the best way,” said Fr. Layla Apodaca.

Every student has their own style of artistic expression. Teachers at DHS want students to be able to use their art as a skill that will help them with any job they might pursue in the future. This is one of the many reasons why students think this class is beneficial not only now, but also later on in their lives.

“All jobs can involve photography if you really think about it,” said Mitchell. You can incorporate photography in anything you do business, real estate, construction…etc. An example of using photography in real estate would be taking pictures of the houses that you would want to show to people.

Photography can be used for the purpose of a job, and for everyday things such as posting a photo or taking a family picture.