Senior Advice to Their Freshman Self

Brianna Brown, Specials Head Editor

As it becomes April seniors our counting down the days to graduation and are looking forward to their next chapters in life. These seniors have had time to reflect on their previous years at Durango High School and take a look back down memory lane.  

Most seniors, looking back, would do things a lot differently when they entered the front doors four years ago freshman year if they had the chance to do so.

A variety of seniors were asked the question:  “If you could give any piece of advice to your freshman self what would it be?” Their responses are shared below to hopefully help their peers that are still living and learning making their journey through high school, leaving suggestions to better the high school experience and they hope to be heard.


“I would tell me freshman self to leave everything on the court and play every game like it is your last.” -Sr. Brett Rowland

“It’s better to regret the things you did do than regret the things you didn’t do.” -Sr. Lana Razma

“I’d say don’t do drugs, don’t lie to your parents, and stop sneaking around to parties.” -Sr. Anonymus

“I would say to do the most that you can because you grow up fast.” -Sr. Amina Youssef

“I’d say take advantage of being in high school. Have fun and make lots of friends.” -Sr. Mira Joyner

“Don’t only do things because they are what you have done before take advantage of this time to try things out.” -Sr. Curtis Sallinger

“I would say to focus on working hard in school and surrounding yourself with good people.” -Sr. Annie Watson

“I would have told myself, let’s get focused it all starts now. Enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast.” -Sr. Gavin Mestas

“Don’t let drama get in the way of you doing you. At the end of the day you’re there to get through four years and graduate, don’t take things too seriously.” -Sr. Hailey Voss

“Don’t think that any class is too hard for you, any team is too skilled for you, or any girl is too good for you, just sign up and you’ll be glad you had the experience.” -Sr. Aristotle Bougas

“Truly to ignore others opinions and be yourself because over the years of high school you often lose who you are over people’s’ opinions. So I say stay true to who you are and respect those around you because you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Also to have a good time and to be with those who care about you.” -Sr. Anastasia Hermasman

“How about grades are important but make time to enjoy everything else while you can.” -Sr. Emma Agiler

“Embrace every aspect of yourself. Remember to always radiate light and know you are worthy of love always.” -Sr. Candace Dellinger

“Nothing is as intimidating as it seems, so branch out, make new friends and be yourself.” -Sr. Izzy Tyler

“Don’t procrastinate and manage your time better.”-Sr. SheaLynn Baca

“Don’t take your time for granted because it goes by fast.” -Sr. Trey Furnas