Demon’s Advocate

Caroline Knight, Head Editor

Disclaimer: While this column does contain awesome and solid advice, it does not reflect the views of the entire El Diablo Staff nor of the DHS student body, just those of a teenager.


How do I ask someone to prom?

I’ve never asked someone to prom, but here are a couple things that worked for Mr. Jolley, the journalism adviser:

  • Rowing his potential date across a lake and then writing “Prom?” in the sand.
  • Ripping off a pair of pants, where “Prom?” was revealed to be written on his bare legs.

I would say keep it light and funny (maybe one of the only situations puns are acceptable). If you’ve never listened to anything I’ve ever said before, listen to this: don’t do a super public promposal unless you’re like, 100% sure your date is gonna say yes. It’s painful to even think about the alternative. On that note, good luck and happy prom!


I’m excited for prom, I have my dress and everything, but what if I don’t get a date?

Join the club! I love promposals as much as the next lonely teenage girl, but prom is about dressing up and having fun with your friends. If you don’t get a date, who cares! Pull a group together, look hotter than everyone else (except me), and dance your heart out. Alternatively, it’s 2018 and girls can ask people to prom. If you have someone in mind-go for it (see above for some creative ideas).