Humans of Durango

Chloe Ragsdale, Reporter

As humans, our unique lives come together by the one thing that we all share – our fears. Fears are what we all strive to overcome, and in that way connect us. This issue, El Diablo asked people from Durango, “What are your greatest fears for now and for the future?” Every answer displayed the power of sharing and overcoming our fears, and how that can improve and better our society.


Man crossing his eyes:
“If I were to lose all my friends and family, and be truly alone. To not be vague, I would say for just social collapse. Current geopolitical stuff has caused that fear. My fear also would be stemming from recent affairs, unfortunately, since that there’s an increasing ignorance and arrogance and apathy. So just one day at a time. Have hope. Keep your chin up.”


Ms. Furtauer:
“That I won’t make it to retirement! Actually, wait I have a better answer – that I won’t be able to fund raise enough money for Aerospace to go to Florida this year. We’re just sending out letters to tons and tons of businesses in Durango and Colorado. To conquer your fears, you know, take concrete steps, like the fears tend to be this kind of huge nebulus thing and if you can break it down to a process to get to what you’re trying to get to, whether it be retirement or my fundraising goal, then somehow it seems less overwhelming if you break in down into smaller parts.” – Ms. Furtauer


Girl with long brown hair:

“Probably being alone for forever. Dying alone. These fears come from probably media and movies and stuff. I guess just power through it, cause I mean you’re going to die eventually anyway.” – Fr. Maddie Marshall


Guy with red hair:
“Something with spiders. I just hate spiders. They’re just scary, they can crawl around, and get in your eyes and mouth. Snakes you can step on them, but spiders are fast! And then you’re like trying to knock and it down and then it falls down and you don’t know where it is. I got bit by a spider once, it was like in my bed. It was on my pillow. My greatest fear for the future is probably some kind of spider takeover. Like planet of the apes but with spiders. They get really big and they come at you with spears. There’s nothing we could do. But to face your fears? Just do it. Just face the fear. Take the bull by the horns.” – Fr. Denzel Farmer


Mr. Keyser:

“Right now my greatest fear is the unknown at the end of this year because this is my last year of teaching. I’m done and I’m on my retirement as of June whatever. My wife and I are going to travel, but there’s a lot of unknowns out there which is kind of scary, we pretty much have to figure it out. It’s something I’ve never done before. In my career, I have seen education change a lot, and my biggest fear is for the direction that public education is going and all the things that are influencing that. Some internal things, some external things, just a lot of again unknowns. Like i said, I’ve seen a lot of changes and they don’t always benefit programs like I teach, like the electives classes and things like that. There’s a lot of emphasis on core, and I understand that. But I don’t want education to move away from things that kids do because they’re passionate about it. First you have to face them, and I would say you need to, as opposed to being passive, you need to be assertive in a sense that you want to do something as opposed to doing nothing to face them. Whatever that might be. If your fear is spiders, then you need to face that fear and figure out a plan to attack that fear, whatever it might be. People have a tendency to shy away from their fears, and therefore they never get resolved, as opposed to taking charge.” – Mr. Keyser


Lady with hat:
“I’m too old to be afraid of anything, I’m 76. Well, fear of poverty’s the only one and that’s because I grew up that way. But you get over it eventually. But you know, people hurting you, but I’m like, you live in Durango! I used to live in Albuquerque, where there’s 365 deaths a year, but you still didn’t worry, they only happened in a certain place. But I’m sorry, I’m so upset about this gun control thing. I’m afraid for all of you. It hasn’t been like this. The NRA was once a group for sportsmen; it was about hunting, it was about fishing, it was about good people doing good things. Now I think they’re a terrorist group. It was 1965 that they changed. Around 1963, my ex husband was in the NRA and I convinced him and he got out. He quit. And that’s my greatest fear, it’s for you kids. I’m not religious, I’m not a bible person, but in the bible it says a child will lead them. And you are. You are the future. The first thing that pops into my head is never give up. Our fears are so much worse than the reality of  where we’re at in our situations. And we terrify ourselves with our words. And I’m as bad as anybody. I’m just terrible at it. But if you fear poverty and you’re not in poverty, then that’s stupid. If you fear somebody murdering you on the street and you’re here, that’s stupid. When you see it on TV and it’s hammered day after day after day, you need to pull your brain into reality. Fear is a driver right now in our society. The more afraid we are, the more guns we buy, the more we hate the other. Hatred comes from fear. So my next thing is read and research. When I was in the seventies and it was the Vietnam War that we were fighting, it was question authority. No matter what somebody tells you, you can’t believe it, you gotta go home and research.”


Man with dog:

“Can’t say death, so lets see. That’s a really good question. Hitting a tree, I guess, while skiing. If my dog had some kind of injury or something. Getting hit by a car or something. But, you know, it seems to me like kids are growing up quick and they’re taking charge of things, but you know, they really should since the adults have kind of made a mess of things lately with the current politics. That’s not really a fear, but I think it looks bright. So probably nuclear war, which we’re steering towards. Just walk through them. I gotta say, I used to be and still am kind of a breakthrough consultant, so I do just that – help people to walk through their fears. If there’s nothing there when you really look at it and really face it, it’s just something holding you back. If there’s a fear that you can just walk through, there’s less fear that you can have.”


Guy with guitar:
“There’s a lot of things, you know. Terrorism, North korea, there’s a lot of corruption. Especially around here, it seems, the people who run things are all corrupt and trying to recall somebody, I heard. My greatest fear is all the corruption and stuff that’s going on. We’re living in a time where right is wrong and wrong is right. I have a fear that things aren’t going to change, and things need to change from how they are now. But really i try not to fear anything ni general. I try to have faith and hope, like things are going to get better, you know. I was raised in a Christian family, and it says in the bible that we’re not supposed to fear evil. There’s a lot of evil in the world that’s trying to mess you up but we;re not supposed to fear it! We should try to stay positive, just like the song I played for you! Just try to stay positive, no matter how evil people are or how people try to drag you down. You know, when I’m about to perform, sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach, but other than that it’s just all psychological.”


Girl next to skeleton statue:

“I guess like getting really sick, a disease or something. Well, immortality, I guess. I want to live a long healthy life. I don’t really have a fear for the future, I’m looking forward to the future. Actually, my mom dying, I don’t want my mom to die. To get over your fears, just say what’s on your mind. If you got something really positive to say, say it to someone else. Helps you build character.”

Guy with glasses:
“My greatest fear? I really have none. I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business owner, and you just live taking risks all the time. I have no fears about my business. The thing is everybody fails, and a lot of people get scared of failure, but the truth is we all hose up. We all make mistakes and 80% of the time, you’re going to just fail or barely get by, and it’s that 5% of the time that you just knock is out of the park and people just go ahhhhh. They’re awesome! They look at that one thing that you did and forget about 80% of the time you failed. I have no fears for the future. Well, I have some fears, but they’re manageable. My fears are that I won’t be there for my family because I work a lot. But we homeschool our kids, so I spend an insane amount of time with my them, and we homeschool them so we can bring them to our work and stuff. So those are really my fears. My fears are that I’m not gonna be authentic. A lot of the time, we have a fear of showing who we really are with other people because we think they’ll mock us or think they don’t like us or something. Forget about those people. I mean, we all have those fears, I have those fears, but the truth is, you gotta be authentic, you gotta put it out there. Here’s the best logical advice I have for you – if end up trying something and you’re afraid of failing, that’s very normal. But the truth is, what’s the chance that you’re going to absolutely fail, on a scale of one to ten? What’s really the chance that you’re gonna totally blow it? Like a one, maybe a two? You’ll at least hit middle of the ground. So your chance of failure is really just a one or two of failing. But what’s the chance of you actually succeeding? Probably a 9. So you’re really risking a ten or twenty percent chance of failing against an eighty or ninety percent chance that you’re going to do awesome. And what’s the real chance that it’s going to totally change your life, give you a great experience? It’s next to guaranteed. The truth is, most people stop about ten feet from the finish line. Don’t worry about it. Just go. You gotta pursue your dreams. Go for it! And then when people look at you, if you fail, realistically, it might take you a couple months to get back on your feet, maybe a year or two tops, but you’re going to be right back where you were. And then everybody goes wow, I wish I could be like that person, I wish I could have their life. And you’re just out there living your dream, putting your integrity out there, putting who you are out there.”