Humans of DHS

Brianna Brown, Head Specails Editor

This issue, for Teachers of DHS, Ann Tidwell is featured. At Durango High School, Mrs. Tidwell teaches Chemistry and  AP Chemistry. Students absolutely adore her teaching style as well as her personality. She is a phenomenal teacher who knows how to balance her teaching techniques, but also does what she knows is best for her students. Mrs. Tidwell is always looking to lend a helping hand to any student who crosses her path.  Her sincere personality mixed with her wonderful ability to teach is a blessing for everyone.

Tell me about your favorite experience while teaching…

“I wouldn’t say I have a favorite moment, but, honestly, when I make corny jokes and my students laugh, because I do like to be corny.”

Besides your love for Chemistry, why do you love teaching such a rigorous course?

“Because it is just such a thrill to me to take something hard and make it understandable to people. I mean, I just love when people go ‘ohhh now I get it’ and they have that epiphany. That is very very fun, but, mostly, I just love teaching high school kids.”

How long have you been teaching?

26 years

What have you taught?

Everything. I have taught 7th grade English, 8th grade English, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, 4th grade, GT, and Earth Science.

What brought you to durango?

My husband’s job.

Where did you go to college?

Texas A&M

What is your favorite thing to do besides  teaching?

I love to walk my dog, run before my foot got hurt, garden, hangout with my husband and go to movies.