Why People Move to Durango

Alexis Hoff, Reporter

Durango Colorado is a place of adventure and community. People are easily attracted to Durango because of the people,activities, and overall because of the town itself. All sorts of people move here from places like Texas, Boston, Oklahoma, etc.

One reason Durango is such a huge attraction is because of the amount of activity it has. Durango has a wide variety of things that you can do, including things like visiting historic landmarks or hiking up on animas mountain trail. You could say Durango is like  a year round playground.

“ The beauty,weather and the people all drew me in.” said Harold Daily, moved from Boston.

People that come here, come for the beauty. Durango is a small place of the world that people like to go to be surrounded by the things that they can’t see in bigger cities. Durango is very secluded and a lot of people like that.

“ I moved here for access to wilderness, trails, chilliness, and overall the smaller size of Durango.” said Mark Cuenca, a teacher at Durango High school.

 There are many things about Durango that you can be attracted to. Sports, people, sightings, etc. – Durango is a place for friends and family.  

“ Balance is something that is very important to me. Durango delivers that for me perfectly. Family, fun, career.” said Harold Daily, a citizen of Durango.

Durango’s population has grown from 12,761 to 18,503 in the last 27 years. This could be because of weather, costs of livability, or the activities provided here.

“All of the people here are super nice, and I never experienced that in Houston with people being so nice. I’m used to people being extremely rude to me, so it’s a nice change.” said Paige Mclemore, a freshman at Durango High School.

Durango is full of nice people. Since it’s a small town everybody seems to know each other and if not, making friends is easy. Unlike in larger cities where people don’t seem to connect as well and there are more people.