DHS Creative Writing

Alexis Hoff, Reporter

Over the course of a day students tend to think about so many things that their brains go into sort of an overload. Creative writing is a way to release emotions and thoughts into words to create a short story or a poem. This type of class is used as a way to expand creative thinking and learning skills by using their imagination as inspiration. It can be a fun and relaxing way to let out your ideas or feelings onto a piece of paper.

Creative writing and english teacher Kaila Coon wants her students to be able to expand their learning and creativity. Coon sees this class as a fun and therapeutic way to do something different. With writing you can process emotions and create new ideas.

“People tend to lose their creativity, especially in school because school rewards right answers, and creative writing is not that.” said Coon.

Most of the time, students get to choose what they write about. Some students do struggle coming up with an original idea, which can be good because it gives the students time to think and open up their imagination to new ideas. Other times, students are given a prompt for warm-ups or a creative writing project.

“We are doing playwriting right now, and most people haven’t written a play. But I love working with students who are willing to give it a go.” said Coon.

Students that are willing to give creative writing a try are the ones who are most likely to use writing as an outlet to relax and have fun later in their lives. Students who never try the class miss out on the opportunity to learn something that could greatly benefit them later on. Creative writing is more than just putting some words on paper, it’s opening up your mind to new ideas.

“I started writing a short story, that short story ended up filling up a notebook.” said DHS Jr. Kayla Rubenstein.

Writing can be something that students really enjoy and it can also be something that seems really boring. This class could be an opportunity to get more into it or to give a chance to expand your writing skills.

Some students do not enjoy this class as much as others.. This could be due to a lack of inspiration,, or it could be that writing isn’t that students definition of fun. But even students who do not necessarily feel passionate about creative writing may find that by participating in this class, you can learn skills that can be utilized later in life.

“ I think it is a good option for a class if that’s what you’re interested in. Personally I am not,” said an anonymous DHS student.

Creative writing is something that can be enjoyed by people who can’t put a pencil down, or by the people who hate to pick one up. It’s fun, easy, and something for everyone to do.