What kind of bagel are you?

Natalie Biery, Reporter

Questions to your bagel future:  

  1. What is your favorite thing to do on a summer day?
  1. Go on an adventure
  2. Lake day!
  3. Binge watch your fav Netflix show
  4. Shopping with friends
  1.  What’s your go to outfit?
  1. Running pants and a sweatshirt  
  2. Long sleeve top with your fav band and shorts
  3. Sweatpants and random t-shirt you found in your hamper
  4. Blue jeans and a trendy top
  1. What’s your favorite food?
  2.      a) A plain cheese pizza, go with what you know!
  3.      b) Chicken tenders with fries, always the best choice for eating at a new restaurant
  4.      c) Chinese food
  5.      d) Grilled Cheese because those are bomb.
  6.  Where do you want to live when you’re older?
  1. Durango, why would I want to leave my beautiful mountain town?
  2. New York! The big apple is the place to be when you’re young.
  3. The Carribean, my dream is to be the tannest person ever!
  4. LA, I want to be famous.
  1. What social media app could you not live without?
  1. Snapchat
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  1. What’s your favorite subject in school
  1. Math, equations and graphs? Um, yes please!
  2. English, reading and writing are my passion.
  3. Science, chemistry is so much fun!
  4. History, I love learning about the past.
  1. What’s your favorite holiday?
  1. Earth Day! SAVE THE TREES
  2. 4th of July!! Dressing up in red white and blue and watching the fireworks is my perfect day.
  3. Christmas- I love the snow and the lights and the presents! Ugh
  4. Thanksgiving- did someone say eat your heart out?! Sign me up!
  1. What’s your go to sweet food?
  1. Brownies
  2. Créme brulé
  3. Gummy bears
  4. Apple pie
  1. What’s your favorite Netflix show?
  1. Riverdale
  2. Orange is the New Black
  3. Stranger Things
  4. The Vampire Diaries
  1. What cream cheese is your favorite?
  1. Blueberry
  2. Strawberry
  3. Plain
  4. Herb


Mostly A’s = Multigrain Bagel

You would rather spend your day hiking with your bestie and your dog than staying in and doing nothing. You could also live off of Zia, I mean who couldn’t?


Mostly B’s = Everything Bagel

You’re so extra. You want to live while you’re young! Everyday’s an adventure with you and you’re loyal to your friends and a great shoulder to cry on!


Mostly C’s = Plain Bagel

Did someone say sleep all day and watch Stranger Things? You need your alone time to feel less stressed and be yourself! It’s hard to be perfect all the time.


Mostly D’s = Asiago Bagel

You’re the life of the party and everyone wants to be your friend! You know what you want and you go get it!