Demons reflect to bitter end to football season

Isaiah Downing , Reporter

Durango High School’s football team had a rather successful season this year, they made it to the second round of the state playoffs, but unfortunately suffered a heartbreaking loss to Erie High School. The team went 8-3 over their 11 games and despite the loss of some star seniors, they have even higher expectations for next year.

DHS football believes in hard work and dedication both on and off the field. Each player commits to the team through several ways, and specifically the weight room.   Breyton Jackson is a sophomore on varsity who plays wide receiver and safety for the Demons.

“We need to bust our a** in the weight room in order to be successful next year, that’s all it takes,” said So. Breyton Jackson.

It is always helpful for the team to have a leading figure and someone who they can look up to. This past season, Gavin Mestas and Max Hyson stepped up to fill the demanding role. The two boys are both seniors and will therefore not be returning in the fall, leaving the important leadership role open to be filled.

One of those spots could be filled by Dawson Marcum, who plays running back and takes pride in his performance this past season. He hopes to step up as a team leader next year, and with his hard working mindset his path is likely heading that direction.  “I need to hold everyone to the standard that I hold myself to,” said Jr. Dawson Marcum.

He wants everyone to be responsible for not just themselves, but for the teammates as well. “Our team needs to receive discipline this next season, take ownership for our actions and overall just work,” said Marcum.

Despite the loss of many talented seniors, the team believes they will make it even further in the playoffs next year.

Fr. Jordan Woolverton is a name you will likely be hearing for the next three years. The new high school student is the first Freshman in Durango High School history to start as Varsity quarterback. He believes that the team is going to come back next season stronger than ever.

“We are losing a couple key positions, but other than that we are built strong. I think if we all work together as a team and train we’ll have a great season next year” said Woolverton.

The Demon’s defense this year was built around their linebackers, with the talented Manasseh Brockus leading the way.

“It will be tough next year due to the fact that we are losing our linebackers, but I think offensively we are set,” said Jackson.

The Durango High School football team has many goals, and one of the biggest  is to win a state championship. Receiving that ring would mean the world not only to the players, but also the entire school. All of the players know that they can only win as a team, and they all need to be working hard this offseason to come back better than before. With hard work, dedication, and passion, the future of the demon football team is bright.