Student Art Show

Carter Reiter, Reporter

Durango High School students who are a part of National Art Honors Society had their work put on display at the Durango Public Library at the beginning of February. From February 13th to February 17th their art was on display. On February 17th, from 10:00 am until noon, there was a silent auction for all the pieces.

“I made two pieces for the art show. It’s an interesting experience knowing that people are looking at/judging your art, but if you’ve created a piece that you are proud of, it’s quite satisfying knowing that people will see it. Some of my other art has been displayed in Maria’s and the Library the year before,” said Sr. Olivia Guerra. Guerra is the Vice President of NAHS.

There were approximately 30 pieces on display from the members of NAHS and they ranged in all shapes, colors, sizes, mediums, and more.

“I made a kind of clothesline photo display of photos from Durango, Seattle, and Friday Harbor all with the same colors scale and it was definitely one of my favorites. I usually try to start working on projects as soon as I learn about them to avoid rushing it. It usually takes me two to three weeks to finish an art piece,” said Guerra.

Guerra has been a part of NAHS for three years. She joined her sophomore year because she has always loved art and art culture. This year, she is the Vice President.

Guerra said, “NAHS was a club that provided a way for me to even further immerse myself into the art culture. It’s a fun program to be a part of and it’s fun to be around people with the same love for art.”

The money raised by the silent auction went to back to NAHS in order to help buy supplies for the club. Specifically, they intend to purchase paint for the murals around the school.  19 pieces of art were sold.