Putin’s America

Logan Van Lindt, Reporter


Despite the opposition of Trump supporters, the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election by Robert Mueller is in full swing. It appears to many that the current administration is crumbling, while others see the investigation as nothing but a waste of time and money.  No matter what people think, here’s what we know so far:

During the election and before president Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration made public that there was substantial evidence that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.

The special counsel was appointed soon after President Trump fired then-FBI director and lifelong Republican James Comey. According to Comey, the president met with him and told him to stop his  investigation of Russian interference. When Comey did not choose the President over his country, Trump then terminated him from his position.

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, also a lifelong Republican, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, hoping that if he helped their investigation he could avoid more serious charges. Soon after, Trump tweeted saying that he was aware that Flynn had lied to the FBI. He later said that his lawyer tweeted that, and it was untrue, leaving many to wonder why his own lawyer would tweet incriminating information from his account.

On December 8th, 2017, it was revealed that Trump and his associates were sent an email containing a decryption key for the wikileaks documents.

Why hasn’t Donald Trump suffered any consequences? Why would Americans support someone with connections in Russia, who has been an enemy of the U.S. for decades? Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, said the US was considering pulling out of the 2018 Winter Olympics, soon after Russia was banned for state-sponsored doping.  Why is the U.S. suddenly standing by Russia and not the rest of the world?

It boils down to ignorance and selective retention. On a few personal encounters with Trump Supporters, when I criticize President Trump, I have found they tend to respond with something along the lines of  “Well Hillary Clinton did [this]”. This can be seen on the news as well.

Conservative news outlets such as Fox continue to ignore the facts that have been presented to them, resorting to calling the investigation a “witch hunt” and a waste of time and money. Many people are also mad that the investigation is costing taxpayers money. I would agree but the results they have produced so far are enough to warrant the cost. Paul Manafort indicted. Michael Flynn arrested. Leaked emails between Jared Kushner and Russian Intelligence.

Trump supporters want to ignore that there is substantial evidence that one of America’s biggest enemies assisted in getting President Trump elected. Long time Republicans such as Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Mitt Romney believe that this a complete disgrace to our nation. Ronald Reagan, one of the most conservative figures in recent times, would not be pleased, as he was president during the Cold War against Russia. Why are Republicans putting aside all previous foreign policy standpoints and defending Russia? As Mitt Romney has said “Put your country, not party, first”.

On December 12th, 2017, Trump called for a second special counsel to investigate the special counsel investigating him. My question is: if the president hasn’t done anything wrong, why would he be so opposed to the investigation? It would be much easier to believe he is innocent if he was letting the special counsel do their job, and if he didn’t admit to knowledge of Flynn’s lies. James Comey’s investigation into Trump was just the second part of his investigation into Hillary.  Although many Democrats were not pleased with investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, no one tried to shut it down and make it seem like”fake news” or a “witch hunt”.

Clearly Russia had some kind of influence on the election, and it contradicts core Conservative morals to stand with a communist country. With numerous reasons to believe that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election, I ask one question. Which is more important: your country or your party?