Love of Star Wars lasts generations

Love of Star Wars lasts generations

Isaiah Downing, Reporter

Not many movie series can be continued throughout multiple generations and entertain billions of people for forty years. However, the eight captivating and inspiring Star Wars films have made over four billion dollars and have never declined in views or popularity.

An abundance of students at Durango High School love the saga, and newer fans are entertained by the new movies.  Most students, in fact, have parents that are fans of the movies. “I first watched Star Wars with my dad, and sometimes I still do; We both are big fans,” said so. Logan White.

“I think it’s very cool that my dad watched these movies when he was young too; and hopefully my kids can be introduced to them,” said so. Axel Bourey.

So far, it seems like the saga will continue, with no end in sight. Not only do the movies entertain most of America, but they make huge sums of money off them.  Star Wars The Force Awakens, the 7th movie in the saga, made 248 Million on opening night.

“I first saw the movie when I was about four or five. I think it was the New Hope, the fourth in the saga,” said White. “I personally think that the first three movies are the best.”

Most people saw the first three movies first, which are the first three produced but the fourth, fifth and sixth in chronological order.  These were A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, and Empire strikes back.

Most parents and original Star War fans mainly focus on the first three movies, considering them original and the best of the saga. “The first three movies never get old, and are the most entertaining by far,” said Thomas Downing, my father and the first person I watched the movies with.  

Personally, Star Wars has been a defining memory from childhood, yet still entertains me today.  I love to watch the older movies in the saga with my dad, and when the new films come out seeing them with my friends makes for great memories.  

“I usually watch Star Wars with my friends, especially when the new ones come out,” said Bourey “sometimes I still watch them with my family though, it’s always fun too.”

The main wonder to Star Wars fans is how long the films will continue to be made. With no end in sight, LucasFilms has plenty of mysteries and stories in the Starwars universe to make movies of. When not continuing the saga, LucasFilms have started to make side stories to fill in missing information throughout the Star Wars universe.

“I hope they keep making more, it seems that everyone gets more appealing and interesting,” said White.  

With the ninth movie in the saga releasing December 14th, The Last Jedi is expected to be one of the best yet, with tickets sold out a month before the release. The Star Wars saga continues to entertain, and has ingrained itself in america’s culture.